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stART ~ Help Me Learn Addition June 25, 2013

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Since Will has really taken an interest in numbers, I thought I’d throw in a number book for stART this summer.  I found the book, “Help Me Learn Addition” by Jean Mazollo, at the library.  This is a cute book with a rhyme to it that uses fun pictures and photographs to teach simple addition (and subtraction).  Will got a kick out of it and loved the challenge of finding the answers.  I think I have a math and science guy budding around here!

Help Me Learn Addition



For our project, I found this cute crab poem/song that uses subtraction.  I found the idea on Pintrest, but it was just a picture – no link to give any further credit.

June 005

This project was done in several steps, so it took a little more time than the projects we generally do.



1 sheet of white large construction paper

5 sheets of white cardstock paper

Red construction paper (cut claws from)

10 wiggly eyes

Red craft paint and brush

Blue craft paint or watercolor

Brown crayon

Glue stick

Decorative scissors (wave pattern)

Poem printed and cut into pieces


First, the background.  I made a wavy line at the bottom of the white construction paper and had Will color it in with a brown crayon to make the sand.  Next, paint the rest of the paper blue for the water.  All of our blue watercolor was out, so we had to punt with craft paint.  Set this aside to dry while you create your crabs.

Crab Construction

Next, create your five crabs.  This is the really fun (and messy) part.  Will painted his left hand with red craft paint using a foam brush.  I helped him place his hand on the white cardstock and pressed down to make his hand print.  We did all the left hands first (total of 5 – each on a new sheet of cardstock).  Next, we did the same for the right hand, but made sure to slightly overlap the hand print with the left print.  After these dried, I cut around each crab.


Embellish the crabs with wiggly eyes at the thumbs and the cut out claws are glued to the index fingers.


Apparently, Will changed out of his jammies from the first part of the project to this part.

June 006

Here is the poem:

5 cranky crabs were digging on the shore

1 swam into a net, then there were 4

4 cranky crabs were floating on the sea

1 got tangled up in seaweed, then there were 3

3 cranky crabs were wondering what to do

1 dug a deep hole, then there were 2

2 cranky crabs were warming in the sun

1 got scooped up in a cup, then there was 1

1 cranky crab was smarter than his friends

So he hid behind a rock and that’s how the story ends.

June 005

I cut each piece of the poem using decorative scissors (a wave pattern) and glued them down the left side of the construction paper.  Lastly, we glued the five crabs on the paper, too.  Will loved to fill in the words I left out while reading the poem.


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