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August Tidbits September 1, 2013

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August Tidbits Collage

1.  The biggest news of this month is Will (my first baby) started kindergarten!  He was excited, but a big apprehensive to make the big move.  We had four tough days of separation death grip and crying, but no problems all last week.  I’m sure glad that was short-lived.  It has been a transition for Will, but he really seems to love school!

2.  Right at the beginning of the month we took a vacation up to the Minneapolis area to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  The boys traveled the 4 hours like champs!  We had so much fun – both boys adored their Uncle Tim.  We got to see Tim and Ashley’s new home.  We also spent a day at Como Zoo, took in a Twins game and had a barbecue with some family.  They were great hosts — lots of memories made!

3.  Here’s a family photo of our first trip to the new Twins stadium.  It was a sold out game, so by the time we got there we ended up paying way too much for standing room tickets.  It didn’t matter, we still had a great time taking in the sights.  We did score some seats part way into the game.  It was a beautiful night for some baseball.

4.  On August 5th Chris and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  We walked to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner.  We had such a nice time — just the two of us.  We reminisced about our wedding day, the old days, the new days and everything in between.  Big thank you to my parents for watching the boys!

5.  Before school started Will and I had a date at the Color Me Mine Pottery place.  We painted a plate with Will’s handprints on it.  The saying we wrote on the plate said, “On the first day of school my hands looked like this.  You sent me away with a hug and a kiss.”  It really turned out cute.  I love this picture because the girl working there was giving Will a bad time that the paint would never come off his hands.  Their smiles are the best!

6.  This is a picture from the first day of school with Will’s teacher, Mrs. T., and his best  buddy, Hunter!  We were so glad Hunter was in Will’s class.  It is a bit surreal to me because I grew up with both of Hunter’s parents.  It was so weird that first day when Matt (Hunter’s dad) and I dropping off our kids at school when we were just the neighborhood kids like yesterday!  I’m so grateful that Will has found such a great friend!

7.  Bennett is 14 months old.  He is such a happy-go-lucky kid!  This month he has started standing in one place without holding on for a few seconds.  He isn’t walking yet, but just needs a little more confidence and balance and he’ll be off.  He has added a few words to his vocabulary (car, hat, please, hi, bye).  He also started signing “please”.  He really is at a fun stage.  Next up is getting rid of the bottle!

8.  This is a picture of my Lunch Club friends.  Last Saturday we got together for our annual Christmas in August!  Once a year we all set aside a day to do something fun together.  We stayed in town and met for breakfast, did some shopping Downtown and some other places around town, had lunch and ended at the mall.  It was great to be together just the girls and do girly things!  I am so blessed to have great friends!


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