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stART ~ I Can Read About Spiders October 11, 2013

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Since it is now October it is time to get out all those fall and Halloween books!  We have really been enjoying reading those favorites that get put away the rest of the year.  This week Will picked out a book about spiders to go along with our spider web treat project.  We read “I Can Read About Spiders” by Deborah Merrians.  This is a nonfiction book with many good facts and illustrations.  We learned a lot about spiders, how they differ from insects and their webs.


I Can Read About Spiders


I came across this spider web treat in an e-mail I got with several Halloween ideas in it.  The e-mail linked to Delia Creates.  It was a fun project to do together and was fairly quick and easy.

Spider Web Treats

It is also a pretty tasty salty and sweet snack!!!!

Spiders 001


Pretzel Sticks

Candy Melts (chocolate and bright green)

Wax Paper

Snack-size Ziplock bag

Spiders 002

First, arrange the pretzel sticks in a circle shape.  Make sure the middle is close and tight to help it stay together in the end.

Spiders 005

Next, I melted the candy melts in the microwave according to the directions on the package.  I poured the melted candy into a snack size ziplock bag.  I cut a small piece off the corner of the ziplock bag to create the web spiral on top of the pretzels.  Squeeze the melted candy out from the bag in a spiral shape around the pretzel sticks.  Let the candy harden and enjoy!  Be careful since I found these spider webs to be quite fragile.

Spiders 003

Spiders 006

Spiders 009

YUM — Spiderlicious!!!!


Pumpkin Garland October 4, 2013

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pumpkin garland

I came across this cute little project from an e-mail I received that linked to different blogs featuring Halloween crafts.  I fell in love with this project and just had to make it.  If  you are craving some new fall decos and don’t have a lot of time, this project is for you!  It is very simple and fast!  The original idea came from Chicken Scratch.  Visit this site to see another style of this garland.



Orange Cardstock

Patterned Cardstock

Brown Cardstock (scraps)

Dark Brown Chalk

Pop Dots

Cricut Machine (Doodlecharms & George Basic Shapes)


I cut 6 pumpkin shapes (about 5 1/2″) from the Doodlecharms cartridge on my Cricut.  Next, using the patterned paper I cut 6 oval shapes from the George Basic Shapes cartridge (about 5 1/2″).  To make the stem I just traced that part of the pumpkin shape onto brown cardstock.  Prior to putting the pieces together, I used the dark brown chalk to chalk the edges of each piece for a more rustic look.

To construct the pumpkins I glued the brown stem to each pumpkin shape.  Next, I used 4 pop dots to attach the oval piece in the center of each pumpkin.  I like how it gave the pumpkins a little dimension.



Jute Twine

Hole Punch

To hang the garland I used a hole punch to make two holes on the sides of each pumpkin.  Next, I strung the jute twine through the holes.  Last, I hung it up on my fireplace mantel.  Easy and so festive!





September Tidbits October 1, 2013

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September Tidbits

1.  On September 13 it was Will’s 1/2 Birthday.  We started this tradition last year of baking 1/2 of a cake and having a small celebration for the halfway point to the next birthday.  That morning our special ceramic “cupcake” appeared.  Will could hardly wait to get home from school to see the hidden treasure inside for his special day.  We also had the grandparents over for pizza and cake that weekend.

2.  A couple of weekends ago I joined 11 other gals for a scrapbooking weekend.  We tried out a new retreat place this year near Fairmont, MN.  What a great place it was!  It really is a highlight of my year getting to spend a weekend scrapbooking with the girls.  This is a picture of my table where I spent the whole weekend.  I finished 20 pages in Bennett’s book, 10 Christmas gifts and a new fall pumpkin garland.

3.  Our little Benny loves his BOOKS!  He also loves to pull them all off his bookshelf .  It is really getting fun to read to him now because he is starting to memorize his favorite books and copies the actions I’ve done or chimes in some.  It is fun to listen to him “pretend” to read by babbling a whole string of sounds.

4.  Will is playing organized soccer for the first time this year.  His team is called the Spartans (the under 6 team).  They have a practice and game every week.  It has been so fun to watch them progress.  The first two weeks Will scored goals for the other team!  Of course his favorite part is the snack they get after the game 😉

5.  Will continues to love school!  He is really starting to adjust to the schedule and all the things that come with school.  What a joy it has been for this mama to see her boy start to read!  He gets so excited when he sees one of his “popcorn words” in a book.  This picture shows many of the words he’s learned already!

6.  Here’s a great moment I captured on our trip to the pumpkin patch.  Bennett has really had a big month.  He started walking on Sept. 6th and is all over the place now.  I’m afraid next up is running and climbing!  He has also started talking up a storm (Will, Papa, what’s that?, Marsa, chugga chugga, car).  When he learned to say, “Marsa” (our daycare provider) he said it all the time.  When he’d wake up in the morning we’d hear him yell from his crib “ARRRSAAAA?”  I think he figured if he said Marsa some lady would come and give him what he wanted.  Soon I’m sure it will be non-stop “Mama”!

7.  Here is some of our group of Lunch Club kids.  Years ago we started going to the pumpkin patch for our Fall Festival celebration (even before we had kids — or there was only one kid).  Now we have a whole trail of kids to bring.  We went in the cold and rain this last weekend, but it was still fun!

8.  Here’s Will’s picture from the pumpkin patch (which looks a lot like his soccer picture – ha!).  He was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch this year and  now remembers all the details the Fall Festival includes.  He was disappointed that we didn’t get to have our pumpkin painting party this year due to busy schedules.  We love all the traditions fall brings!!!


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