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October Tidbits November 6, 2013

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October Collage

1)  We had a fun Halloween!  Here are my Transformer and Lion.  We got by cheap on costumes this year.  Will wanted to be the same thing as last year and Benny wore Will’s costume from that age.  It turned out to be a fairly nice night here in the Midwest, so we were thankful for that so we didn’t have to cover up our costumes with coats, hats and mittens.

2)  I just love this picture of Bennett!  He still loves his food!  Here is his happy face after devouring chocolate chip mini muffins one Saturday morning.

3)  Will and I had a date one Saturday at the Sioux Empire Reading Festival.  This a great event put on by the United Way organization.  There were several businesses that set up tables with reading activities for the kids to do.  We watched a puppet show put on by the public library and at the end each child got a free book!  A highlight of the event was getting to read to helping dogs.

4)  This mess is all the 12 month-2T boys’ clothes my friends and I have collected over the years.  Now that two of us have boys 4 months apart we meet periodically and divide up the clothes.  What an overwhelming task, but so nice to have a big selection of clothes for our kids!

5)  Bennett loves to play downstairs in our toy room.  Here he’s all dressed up as Mr. Fix It!  He goes from toy to toy having a great time.  He loves to dress up wearing superhero masks and hats.  He’s growing up so fast.  He’s really starting to demand independence and started telling us with lots of screaming (loud and large).  We have slowly transitioned him to signing or saying “please” instead of the screaming.  His language is coming and becoming clearer, but the more language he gets the better this will be.  He started asking to use utensils during mealtimes and doesn’t do too bad.

6) One Saturday we attended the Outdoor Campus’ Halloween Hike.  It was a great event.  The theme was Lewis and Clark.  The kids traveled from station to station learning about animals, people, places and nature around during the time of Lewis and Clark.  Here is a picture of Will “shooting” pheasants with a Nerf gun.  At the end they met President Thomas Jefferson and got to make s’mores.

7) This month was full of soccer practices and games.  I think the weather was cold and windy every Saturday for Will’s games.  Here is a picture of Will after his last game holding his medal he received.  We will try soccer again in the spring and hope he gains some maturity by then.  I think he will like it once he gets more into it.  We had Will’s conference at school this month and he is doing so well.  His teacher says math is definitely his forte.  He turns everything into a math problem.  Both his reading and writing are progressing along nicely – so we are very proud parents.  Will has also worked very hard to not cry when I drop him off at school.  Now he will just say good-bye and play with his friends.  I think we just may have tackled that hurdle this month!

8)  Another Halloween event we attended this month was put on by the Jr. Lego League.  It was a fun night where the kids went around to 7 stations doing science experiments and projects.  Will really enjoyed the activities that involved Legos. Here Will is pictured with our friend, Cindy, from church.  We may have to consider putting him in the Lego League.


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