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November Tidbits December 13, 2013

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November Tidbits

November Tidbits — better late than never, right?

1.  I just love this picture of my boys!  I took it on Thanksgiving Day before we left for the festivities.  These two really have a love for each other.  Will has really taken to the job of big brother and more times than not helps out his brother, shares with him and shows him affection.  I’m soaking in every moment of this sibling LOVE!

2. & 3.  Bennett continues to grow and develop so quickly.  His language is growing everyday.  We have really noticed how much he understands lately.  He is able to understand and follow a one-step direction.  His new words are “mine” and “apple” (a-poo!).  He has taken to playing trains a little bit – here you see him standing in the middle of the track.  We are slowly weaning him off the binkie, but he does love that thing.

4.  Chris and I had the wonderful opportunity to be chaperons for the Sounds Like Love music festival in Minnesota the second weekend in November.  We brought a group of about 25 high school youth to the weekend Christian music festival.  They were such a fun group.  The concert they put together under the direction of John Jacobson was great!

5.  This year we celebrated Thanksgiving with Chris’s mom’s side of the family.  We had quite a large group so we held the festivities at the local bowling center.  Here is a picture of the big spread everyone put together.  It was a day full of wonderful food, family, bowling and football.  Later, we went to my parents’ house to see my mom’s side of the family and have another piece of pie 😉

6.  This is a picture of the line that Chris and I stood in at Wal-Mart Thanksgiving night.  It was actually well-orchestrated there and we were in and out within an hour and came home with a voucher for an i-pad mini!

7.  The day after Thanksgiving I joined my sister-in-law and mother-in-law for our traditional shopping adventure.  We had a blast and knocked out quite a few gifts on the list.  That night we bundled up and went to the Parade of Lights Downtown.  It was fun, but cold!

8.  The last day of November we took some time to put up our Christmas tree and other decorations.  Will helped a little by putting on a few ornaments.  Will has really matured this month with being dropped off at school and managing his behavior on the playground.  His big thing this month was making Bey Blades out of Legos.  His creativity amazes me sometimes!  He is definitely ready for Christmas and has been counting down.


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