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December Tidbits! January 12, 2014

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December Collage

1.  After several takes this is the best picture I could get of my blondies by the Christmas tree.  They were so excited for Christmas this year!

2.  Will was all about our Elf on the Shelf this year.  You’ll see our elf has a bit of a different look to him.  This is an elf my mom had from the 70’s.  He gets the job done!  I got a little creative with him this year, but not every time.  Here you’ll see Elfie roasting marshmallows.

3.  Well, I celebrated my big 40th birthday in December.  It was such a fabulous day (or couple days).  My work family decorated my office with all sorts of fun and had a cake.  A couple of days later my husband had planned a surprise party for me with all my close friends.  It was so wonderful to have time with everyone where we could sit and talk without our littles vying for our attention.

4. We did lots of celebrating for Christmas.  The Monday before Christmas we celebrated with my husband’s family.  Here is Will and Grandma before we opened gifts.  Will had on the Santa hat to pass out the gifts.

5.  It was a Christmas full of Legos at our house.  Will and I (mostly I) put together a number of Ninjago Lego sets over break.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.  Will has loved playing with them since!  Other popular gifts were Skylanders and sweatshirts.

6.  Santa visited our house on Christmas night.  He brought Benny a kitchen and Will an i-pad mini.  Both gifts were quite popular!  They have had fun with them ever since.

7.  Bennett wasn’t too into opening gifts this year.  It was a little overwhelming for him and hard to wait his turn.  He did like playing with all his loot!  I think that he thought his shopping cart was a stroller.  He always asks to ride in it.  I think he has finally figured out that you can put stuff in there and push it around.  He also got lots and lots of play food for his kitchen.

8.  On Christmas Day we spent the morning with my family.  My brother and husband cooked us a wonderful breakfast to start off the day.  That afternoon we went to my cousin’s house to celebrate with the extended family.  My brother and his wife were able to spend Christmas with us this year.  Here is a picture of my family.  We are excited for the arrival of a new niece or nephew in May!


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