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January Tidbits February 10, 2014

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January Collage

1.  The absolute highlight of this month was a trip to Cancun, Mexico with my good friend, Jen.  I got to tag along on her Christmas gift from her hubby for a Mommy Relaxation Vacation.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Resort.  This picture is the view out of our room on the 10th floor.  It was amazing!

2.  Here’s our little Bennett.  He is growing up so fast.  Here he is enjoying a bagel at our favorite bagel shop.  He has become even more independent and we are afraid moving right into those “terrible (I mean terrific) twos”.  He is starting to put two-word phrases together.  He wants to do everything his big brother does.

3.  We had a New Years Party with a few of our friends.  We convinced the kids it was the New Year about 8:00.  They had fun blowing party horns and wearing hats.  This is the best group picture we could get.  The rest of the group is in picture 4.

4.  Nate and Annalise didn’t make it into the group picture for New Year.  We heard lots of “No” and “Mine” from those 3 toddlers that night!  Funny how those are the words that come out loud and clear.  It was a fun time!

5.  Will has really gotten into having playdates.  We had his best buddy, William,  from preschool over one Saturday.  These two have so much fun together.  I think they will spend many Saturdays back and forth at each other’s house.

6.  The day we had William over Will lost his first tooth.  It was hanging on by a thread and it was a friendly pillow fight that did the trick.  It was quite exciting.  Too bad the tooth fairy almost forgot her important job on the very first night.  Luckily, she made it just in time that next morning (but got a black eye from running into a door in the dark).

7.  Here is a picture of what Jen and I did on our vacation.  Our goal was to lay in the sun and read and that is what we did in between trips to the spa!  I read “The Husband’s Secret” and it was great!  Jen read “The Storyteller” and “It’s All Greek to Me”.  We  never felt so relaxed in our lives!

8.  We did get gussyed up to go out to dinner each night while in Cancun.  Each night they had a special show.  Our favorite was “The Rock Show” with all the fun costumes and music from the 80’s and 90’s.  We were so, so, so very thankful to our husbands and families for taking care of the kids so we could go on this trip.


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