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April Tidbits May 4, 2014

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April Tidbits


1.  Here are my two characters on Easter Sunday all dressed up and ready for church.  This year was impossible to get a nice picture.  You know how it is – if it wasn’t one it was the other.  🙂

2.  Bennett has grown up so much lately.  He definitely is transforming into a little boy – not a baby anymore that’s for sure.  He wants to do everything his big brother or anyone else is doing.  One of his favorite things to do at Grandma’s is play in the water and bubbles in the sink.  He sure likes to “help”.  You can often hear him saying, “I help.”

3.  Will’s school hosted a Hobby Fair at the beginning of April.  It was such a fun idea.  The kids could sign up to set up a display of their hobby to share with others.  There was a great turn out – so many fun things to look at.  Will brought his Skylanders.  He had the most fun running around with his buddies, while Mom sat at his table.

4.  April brought Spring Soccer.  We thought we would give soccer another try with a school year of maturity.  It is going better this time around, although we don’t really think team sports will be his thing.  We have lucked out most of the time with weather so far.  This week wasn’t the best, but what do you expect with South Dakota springs?

5.  My mom and I traveled to Minneapolis to celebrate with my sister-in-law Ashley for a baby shower hosted by her mom and sisters.  It was a lovely day.  So much fun to shower this baby girl with love and gifts.  This picture is of Ashley, my mom, aunt and I.  She got so many nice gifts.  Hopefully, you’ll get to see pics of the new baby in the May Tidbits!

6.  Will is really into playdates theses days.  He and the boy across the street (and in his school class) have spent lots of time running between their houses.  As you can see Little Brother wants to join in the fun, too.  Another common phrase we hear from Bennett is “_____, too!”  (“Me, too! Pizza, too!, Guys, too!”)  Here the boys are playing Wii U a favorite past-time.

7.  Call me crazy but I took the boys along with the whole city to an Egg Hunt in the park the Saturday before Easter.  It was crazy!  First, we missed Bennett’s age group for the hunt.  Next, Will only found two eggs which had nothing in them.  Last, we stood in line for over 30 minutes to get the cotton candy you see in the picture.  It was nice to be outside though.  Note to Self: make our own egg hunt next year.

8.  Family Easter Picture (fail).  See I told you if it wasn’t one it was the other. 😉


Photo-covered Letter May 3, 2014

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Photo-covered Letter


Finally, finally, after two years of having this project pinned I got around to making it happen!  I decided my scrapbooking weekend retreat was the time to get it done.  I know several of you were hoping for a tutorial after I posted a picture of it on Facebook.  You are in luck — here it is!

I pinned this project from A Little Moore.  I made a few variations of her original project so check hers out, too.


1 wooden or paper mache monogram letter (mine was wood and about 12-15″ high

Black and White photos (I fit 9 photos on my letter)

Black craft paint

Foam brushes

Mod Podge (matte finish)




First, I painted the letter (front, back and sides) with black craft paint.  I probably wouldn’t have needed to paint the front, but I thought if some of it showed through with poor cutting or odd photos I’d be covered.

Next, I laid the pictures on top of the letter to see where they would fit best.  Be ready to really crop and cut your pictures.  When you choose pictures try to find ones that were taken a little further away – they seem to fit best. When I went to actually cut the pictures I laid the letter on top of the photo and traced around the letter with a pen.  That made it easy to cut the picture to fit and cover the top of the letter.  Sometimes I cut the picture bigger than needed so they would overlap some.






I used Mod Podge to glue each picture to the wooden letter.  After it dried, I used a small scissors to trim any pictures that hung over the edge.  Lastly, I applied three coats of Mod Podge over the top of all the pictures.  I let it dry between each coat.


I rested the letter on a shelf in our bedroom with two other framed pictures.  Now I’d really like to try this project at a larger scale for another place in our house.  Hopefully, it won’t take me another 2 years to get it completed.



Burlap Bunnies May 2, 2014

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Burlap Bunnies


When I saw this idea from Landeelu I knew I had to try it!  How adorable are these bunnies?  I made them as little favors at our Easter celebrations.


1 yd. burlap

1 bottle craft paint

1 foam circle sponge


scissors/cutting mat/rotary cutter

baker’s twine

Candy or something to fill the bunnies




I started by cutting the burlap into 5″ x 8″ rectangles.  You will need two rectangles for each bunny.


Jo-Ann’s Fabric sells super cute burlap with polka-dots in cute spring colors.  To tell you the truth, I was too cheap to pay $14.99/yd for this super cute burlap.  I opted to buy the plain burlap and make my own dots.  It worked beautifully.  After cutting all the pieces out, I laid them on newspaper and used the circle sponge to make dots on the burlap pieces with pink craft paint.  They dried fairly quickly, too.

sewing bunnies

Now you are ready to assemble the bunnies!  This is super fast and easy!  This would even be a great project for a child who wants to learn how to sew.  First, cut a deep V in both rectangles to create the bunny ears.  Next, place right sides together and pin together in a few spot to hold it secure while sewing.  Starting on the left side about at the point of the “V”, sew around to the right side at the point of the “V”.  Last, clip the corners at the bottom to rid the bulk of the burlap when you turn it right-side out.


Turn the burlap right-side out.  The final step of assembly is to sew a straight line down from the top of each ear to the point of the “V” where your side seam exists.  Make sure you leave the other sides of the ears open to add a fun treat inside.

final bunny

You can either fill the bunny with candy to give as Easter favors/treats, or you can fill it with dry beans or rice to use as a decoration.  Fill each bunny and tie it closed with baker’s twine.

“Hoppy” Easter!


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