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Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 4 ~ Party Favors! July 18, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Party Favors 021


Here are the party favors we gave out at Bennett’s birthday.  Actually, the Elmo party theme was born when I found those cute little Elmo tin boxes at our local DollarTree store.  I bought up a bunch of them and tucked them away.  When I found the visors on sale at Michael’s I threw those in as favors, too.

Elmo Birthday 020


There were two different styles of Elmo tins.  They were just the right size for a little vial of bubbles and some candy!

Elmo Birthday 006




red foam visors

large orange pom-poms

large wiggly eyes

craft glue

Elmo visor 021

Just glue the pieces to the visor using craft glue!  Simple!

Benny Visor 032


We can’t end this birthday party series of posts without telling the rest of the story of what happened that day….

Birthday Excitment Collage

Thankfully, it was after the party and no one was in the backyard at the time.  Around 4:00 we heard a gigantic BOOM!  It sounded like a gun shot or terrible car accident.  Little did I know that it was our tree branch that cracked and fell on the power-line.  It caused quite the uproar in the neighborhood.  It actually took out the power in nearly 60 homes in the area.  At first it popped, sizzled and smoked.  The neighbors called the fire department.  By the time they got there it had quit smoking.  We just had to wait for the power company to come restore the power.  What excitement!


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