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April Tidbits May 4, 2014

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April Tidbits


1.  Here are my two characters on Easter Sunday all dressed up and ready for church.  This year was impossible to get a nice picture.  You know how it is – if it wasn’t one it was the other.  🙂

2.  Bennett has grown up so much lately.  He definitely is transforming into a little boy – not a baby anymore that’s for sure.  He wants to do everything his big brother or anyone else is doing.  One of his favorite things to do at Grandma’s is play in the water and bubbles in the sink.  He sure likes to “help”.  You can often hear him saying, “I help.”

3.  Will’s school hosted a Hobby Fair at the beginning of April.  It was such a fun idea.  The kids could sign up to set up a display of their hobby to share with others.  There was a great turn out – so many fun things to look at.  Will brought his Skylanders.  He had the most fun running around with his buddies, while Mom sat at his table.

4.  April brought Spring Soccer.  We thought we would give soccer another try with a school year of maturity.  It is going better this time around, although we don’t really think team sports will be his thing.  We have lucked out most of the time with weather so far.  This week wasn’t the best, but what do you expect with South Dakota springs?

5.  My mom and I traveled to Minneapolis to celebrate with my sister-in-law Ashley for a baby shower hosted by her mom and sisters.  It was a lovely day.  So much fun to shower this baby girl with love and gifts.  This picture is of Ashley, my mom, aunt and I.  She got so many nice gifts.  Hopefully, you’ll get to see pics of the new baby in the May Tidbits!

6.  Will is really into playdates theses days.  He and the boy across the street (and in his school class) have spent lots of time running between their houses.  As you can see Little Brother wants to join in the fun, too.  Another common phrase we hear from Bennett is “_____, too!”  (“Me, too! Pizza, too!, Guys, too!”)  Here the boys are playing Wii U a favorite past-time.

7.  Call me crazy but I took the boys along with the whole city to an Egg Hunt in the park the Saturday before Easter.  It was crazy!  First, we missed Bennett’s age group for the hunt.  Next, Will only found two eggs which had nothing in them.  Last, we stood in line for over 30 minutes to get the cotton candy you see in the picture.  It was nice to be outside though.  Note to Self: make our own egg hunt next year.

8.  Family Easter Picture (fail).  See I told you if it wasn’t one it was the other. 😉


January Tidbits February 10, 2014

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January Collage

1.  The absolute highlight of this month was a trip to Cancun, Mexico with my good friend, Jen.  I got to tag along on her Christmas gift from her hubby for a Mommy Relaxation Vacation.  We stayed at the Hard Rock Resort.  This picture is the view out of our room on the 10th floor.  It was amazing!

2.  Here’s our little Bennett.  He is growing up so fast.  Here he is enjoying a bagel at our favorite bagel shop.  He has become even more independent and we are afraid moving right into those “terrible (I mean terrific) twos”.  He is starting to put two-word phrases together.  He wants to do everything his big brother does.

3.  We had a New Years Party with a few of our friends.  We convinced the kids it was the New Year about 8:00.  They had fun blowing party horns and wearing hats.  This is the best group picture we could get.  The rest of the group is in picture 4.

4.  Nate and Annalise didn’t make it into the group picture for New Year.  We heard lots of “No” and “Mine” from those 3 toddlers that night!  Funny how those are the words that come out loud and clear.  It was a fun time!

5.  Will has really gotten into having playdates.  We had his best buddy, William,  from preschool over one Saturday.  These two have so much fun together.  I think they will spend many Saturdays back and forth at each other’s house.

6.  The day we had William over Will lost his first tooth.  It was hanging on by a thread and it was a friendly pillow fight that did the trick.  It was quite exciting.  Too bad the tooth fairy almost forgot her important job on the very first night.  Luckily, she made it just in time that next morning (but got a black eye from running into a door in the dark).

7.  Here is a picture of what Jen and I did on our vacation.  Our goal was to lay in the sun and read and that is what we did in between trips to the spa!  I read “The Husband’s Secret” and it was great!  Jen read “The Storyteller” and “It’s All Greek to Me”.  We  never felt so relaxed in our lives!

8.  We did get gussyed up to go out to dinner each night while in Cancun.  Each night they had a special show.  Our favorite was “The Rock Show” with all the fun costumes and music from the 80’s and 90’s.  We were so, so, so very thankful to our husbands and families for taking care of the kids so we could go on this trip.


December Tidbits! January 12, 2014

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December Collage

1.  After several takes this is the best picture I could get of my blondies by the Christmas tree.  They were so excited for Christmas this year!

2.  Will was all about our Elf on the Shelf this year.  You’ll see our elf has a bit of a different look to him.  This is an elf my mom had from the 70’s.  He gets the job done!  I got a little creative with him this year, but not every time.  Here you’ll see Elfie roasting marshmallows.

3.  Well, I celebrated my big 40th birthday in December.  It was such a fabulous day (or couple days).  My work family decorated my office with all sorts of fun and had a cake.  A couple of days later my husband had planned a surprise party for me with all my close friends.  It was so wonderful to have time with everyone where we could sit and talk without our littles vying for our attention.

4. We did lots of celebrating for Christmas.  The Monday before Christmas we celebrated with my husband’s family.  Here is Will and Grandma before we opened gifts.  Will had on the Santa hat to pass out the gifts.

5.  It was a Christmas full of Legos at our house.  Will and I (mostly I) put together a number of Ninjago Lego sets over break.  I actually kind of enjoyed it.  Will has loved playing with them since!  Other popular gifts were Skylanders and sweatshirts.

6.  Santa visited our house on Christmas night.  He brought Benny a kitchen and Will an i-pad mini.  Both gifts were quite popular!  They have had fun with them ever since.

7.  Bennett wasn’t too into opening gifts this year.  It was a little overwhelming for him and hard to wait his turn.  He did like playing with all his loot!  I think that he thought his shopping cart was a stroller.  He always asks to ride in it.  I think he has finally figured out that you can put stuff in there and push it around.  He also got lots and lots of play food for his kitchen.

8.  On Christmas Day we spent the morning with my family.  My brother and husband cooked us a wonderful breakfast to start off the day.  That afternoon we went to my cousin’s house to celebrate with the extended family.  My brother and his wife were able to spend Christmas with us this year.  Here is a picture of my family.  We are excited for the arrival of a new niece or nephew in May!


October Tidbits November 6, 2013

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October Collage

1)  We had a fun Halloween!  Here are my Transformer and Lion.  We got by cheap on costumes this year.  Will wanted to be the same thing as last year and Benny wore Will’s costume from that age.  It turned out to be a fairly nice night here in the Midwest, so we were thankful for that so we didn’t have to cover up our costumes with coats, hats and mittens.

2)  I just love this picture of Bennett!  He still loves his food!  Here is his happy face after devouring chocolate chip mini muffins one Saturday morning.

3)  Will and I had a date one Saturday at the Sioux Empire Reading Festival.  This a great event put on by the United Way organization.  There were several businesses that set up tables with reading activities for the kids to do.  We watched a puppet show put on by the public library and at the end each child got a free book!  A highlight of the event was getting to read to helping dogs.

4)  This mess is all the 12 month-2T boys’ clothes my friends and I have collected over the years.  Now that two of us have boys 4 months apart we meet periodically and divide up the clothes.  What an overwhelming task, but so nice to have a big selection of clothes for our kids!

5)  Bennett loves to play downstairs in our toy room.  Here he’s all dressed up as Mr. Fix It!  He goes from toy to toy having a great time.  He loves to dress up wearing superhero masks and hats.  He’s growing up so fast.  He’s really starting to demand independence and started telling us with lots of screaming (loud and large).  We have slowly transitioned him to signing or saying “please” instead of the screaming.  His language is coming and becoming clearer, but the more language he gets the better this will be.  He started asking to use utensils during mealtimes and doesn’t do too bad.

6) One Saturday we attended the Outdoor Campus’ Halloween Hike.  It was a great event.  The theme was Lewis and Clark.  The kids traveled from station to station learning about animals, people, places and nature around during the time of Lewis and Clark.  Here is a picture of Will “shooting” pheasants with a Nerf gun.  At the end they met President Thomas Jefferson and got to make s’mores.

7) This month was full of soccer practices and games.  I think the weather was cold and windy every Saturday for Will’s games.  Here is a picture of Will after his last game holding his medal he received.  We will try soccer again in the spring and hope he gains some maturity by then.  I think he will like it once he gets more into it.  We had Will’s conference at school this month and he is doing so well.  His teacher says math is definitely his forte.  He turns everything into a math problem.  Both his reading and writing are progressing along nicely – so we are very proud parents.  Will has also worked very hard to not cry when I drop him off at school.  Now he will just say good-bye and play with his friends.  I think we just may have tackled that hurdle this month!

8)  Another Halloween event we attended this month was put on by the Jr. Lego League.  It was a fun night where the kids went around to 7 stations doing science experiments and projects.  Will really enjoyed the activities that involved Legos. Here Will is pictured with our friend, Cindy, from church.  We may have to consider putting him in the Lego League.


September Tidbits October 1, 2013

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September Tidbits

1.  On September 13 it was Will’s 1/2 Birthday.  We started this tradition last year of baking 1/2 of a cake and having a small celebration for the halfway point to the next birthday.  That morning our special ceramic “cupcake” appeared.  Will could hardly wait to get home from school to see the hidden treasure inside for his special day.  We also had the grandparents over for pizza and cake that weekend.

2.  A couple of weekends ago I joined 11 other gals for a scrapbooking weekend.  We tried out a new retreat place this year near Fairmont, MN.  What a great place it was!  It really is a highlight of my year getting to spend a weekend scrapbooking with the girls.  This is a picture of my table where I spent the whole weekend.  I finished 20 pages in Bennett’s book, 10 Christmas gifts and a new fall pumpkin garland.

3.  Our little Benny loves his BOOKS!  He also loves to pull them all off his bookshelf .  It is really getting fun to read to him now because he is starting to memorize his favorite books and copies the actions I’ve done or chimes in some.  It is fun to listen to him “pretend” to read by babbling a whole string of sounds.

4.  Will is playing organized soccer for the first time this year.  His team is called the Spartans (the under 6 team).  They have a practice and game every week.  It has been so fun to watch them progress.  The first two weeks Will scored goals for the other team!  Of course his favorite part is the snack they get after the game 😉

5.  Will continues to love school!  He is really starting to adjust to the schedule and all the things that come with school.  What a joy it has been for this mama to see her boy start to read!  He gets so excited when he sees one of his “popcorn words” in a book.  This picture shows many of the words he’s learned already!

6.  Here’s a great moment I captured on our trip to the pumpkin patch.  Bennett has really had a big month.  He started walking on Sept. 6th and is all over the place now.  I’m afraid next up is running and climbing!  He has also started talking up a storm (Will, Papa, what’s that?, Marsa, chugga chugga, car).  When he learned to say, “Marsa” (our daycare provider) he said it all the time.  When he’d wake up in the morning we’d hear him yell from his crib “ARRRSAAAA?”  I think he figured if he said Marsa some lady would come and give him what he wanted.  Soon I’m sure it will be non-stop “Mama”!

7.  Here is some of our group of Lunch Club kids.  Years ago we started going to the pumpkin patch for our Fall Festival celebration (even before we had kids — or there was only one kid).  Now we have a whole trail of kids to bring.  We went in the cold and rain this last weekend, but it was still fun!

8.  Here’s Will’s picture from the pumpkin patch (which looks a lot like his soccer picture – ha!).  He was so excited to go to the pumpkin patch this year and  now remembers all the details the Fall Festival includes.  He was disappointed that we didn’t get to have our pumpkin painting party this year due to busy schedules.  We love all the traditions fall brings!!!


August Tidbits September 1, 2013

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August Tidbits Collage

1.  The biggest news of this month is Will (my first baby) started kindergarten!  He was excited, but a big apprehensive to make the big move.  We had four tough days of separation death grip and crying, but no problems all last week.  I’m sure glad that was short-lived.  It has been a transition for Will, but he really seems to love school!

2.  Right at the beginning of the month we took a vacation up to the Minneapolis area to visit my brother and sister-in-law.  The boys traveled the 4 hours like champs!  We had so much fun – both boys adored their Uncle Tim.  We got to see Tim and Ashley’s new home.  We also spent a day at Como Zoo, took in a Twins game and had a barbecue with some family.  They were great hosts — lots of memories made!

3.  Here’s a family photo of our first trip to the new Twins stadium.  It was a sold out game, so by the time we got there we ended up paying way too much for standing room tickets.  It didn’t matter, we still had a great time taking in the sights.  We did score some seats part way into the game.  It was a beautiful night for some baseball.

4.  On August 5th Chris and I celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary.  We walked to a neighborhood restaurant for dinner.  We had such a nice time — just the two of us.  We reminisced about our wedding day, the old days, the new days and everything in between.  Big thank you to my parents for watching the boys!

5.  Before school started Will and I had a date at the Color Me Mine Pottery place.  We painted a plate with Will’s handprints on it.  The saying we wrote on the plate said, “On the first day of school my hands looked like this.  You sent me away with a hug and a kiss.”  It really turned out cute.  I love this picture because the girl working there was giving Will a bad time that the paint would never come off his hands.  Their smiles are the best!

6.  This is a picture from the first day of school with Will’s teacher, Mrs. T., and his best  buddy, Hunter!  We were so glad Hunter was in Will’s class.  It is a bit surreal to me because I grew up with both of Hunter’s parents.  It was so weird that first day when Matt (Hunter’s dad) and I dropping off our kids at school when we were just the neighborhood kids like yesterday!  I’m so grateful that Will has found such a great friend!

7.  Bennett is 14 months old.  He is such a happy-go-lucky kid!  This month he has started standing in one place without holding on for a few seconds.  He isn’t walking yet, but just needs a little more confidence and balance and he’ll be off.  He has added a few words to his vocabulary (car, hat, please, hi, bye).  He also started signing “please”.  He really is at a fun stage.  Next up is getting rid of the bottle!

8.  This is a picture of my Lunch Club friends.  Last Saturday we got together for our annual Christmas in August!  Once a year we all set aside a day to do something fun together.  We stayed in town and met for breakfast, did some shopping Downtown and some other places around town, had lunch and ended at the mall.  It was great to be together just the girls and do girly things!  I am so blessed to have great friends!


July Tidbits! August 13, 2013

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July Tidbits Collage

1.  This is my family on the 4th of July!  We spent the day together joining my parents for breakfast, trip to WalMart for an oil change in the car, pizza in the park for supper, playing in the park and watching fireworks. (Sorry for the black star in the middle of the picture – editing problem I didn’t catch before saving it)

2.  Will participated in the “First Tee” golf program this year.  He was too cute carrying his bag of club around the course.  He seemed to enjoy it and learned a lot.  Now he and Daddy can enjoy something together.

3.  One day we invited some friends over for a water day.  We got out our Slip ‘n Slide, water table, baby pool and squirt guns.  It was great fun.  I love this picture of Will in the water!

4.  While Chris attended his last day of class in Brookings, we drove along and went to the South Dakota Children’s Museum.  The boys absolutely loved it!  The first picture is of Will climbing up into the “clouds”.  I couldn’t believe he went all the way to the top.  The second picture is of Bennett playing in the water room.  He was amazed by this and was completely soaked when we left.  It is truly a wonderful place that we are lucky to have so close to us.

5.  Will attended his first year of camp.  He attended the Little Vikes camp through the Y.  It was a two-week camp held every morning.  We drove him to the Y and then they bused those kids all over town.  He had so much fun playing at parks, hiking at the Palisades, Skyzone, The Butterfly House, Washington Pavilion, swimming, and time at the camp site.  They concluded the week with a program for the parents.  He loved all the songs, legends and fun!

6.  Bennett got to enjoy his first sucker while getting a haircut at Grandma’s house.  We had to do something to distract him from the haircut.  He loved it and was a wet, sticky mess in the end.  He really learned a lot this month.  He learned to sit down from standing, give kisses, and say “ot” for out or up.  He is quite mobile and into everything!

7.  Chris got to spend a weekend with his buddy, Adam, at the end of July.  They hadn’t been together in almost 5 years so they had a wonderful time.  They did all things “man” – golf, frisbee golf, beer, breakfast out, etc.  They did invite me along to dinner out that Saturday night, which was fun.   A fun weekend!

8.  While the guys were out golfing I joined my friend, Erin and her kids, at Family Fest.  We had a wonderful time taking the kids around to all the inflatables and activities for kids.  The big hit was the Make Your Own Sno-cone Stand.  It was so much fun!  I think Will, Bennett and I spent nearly 5 hours there.  Everyone was wiped out!


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