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stART ~ The Noisy Airplane Ride June 30, 2013

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Last week we read the book “The Noisy Airplane Ride” by Mike Downs.  This book explores all the sounds and things you may experience on an airplane ride.  This book would be great to read with your child right before their first airplane ride to prepare them for what to expect.  We enjoyed talking about where Will may want to go on an airplane.  We had to discuss that you typically take an airplane to a far away place.  We settled on Disneyland as a place we’d love to take an airplane to.

The Noisy Airplane Ride


clothespin airplane

Our project was to make a clothes pin airplane.  This idea came from Parents Magazine.  It was pretty easy.

June 001



Craft Sticks (2 regular size and 1 small size)

Red Craft Foam

Red Craft Paint

Blue Craft Paint


Hot Glue Gun

airplane Collage

First, I had Will paint all the wooden pieces and left them to dry.  We did not have any small craft sticks on hand, so my husband just cut a regular-sized craft stick smaller.

June 007

All the pieces.

airplane pieces

Glue the pieces together as shown above using hot glue.

June 009

Here is the finished airplane with its pilot!  He looks so happy to have his picture taken, huh?


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