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stART ~ Apples, Apples, Apples ~ & ~ A Little Family Fun! October 6, 2011

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Ever since Will was a baby our family has been involved in a program called Family Foundations.  It was a wonderful program where we could spend time “playing and learning” as a family.  The kids got to interact with others their age and the parents had a special time where we talked about parenting topics with a Family Coach.  Sadly, this program was cut from the budget this year.  Well,  a few of us didn’t let that stop us!  We created our own Family Program and had our first gathering last week.  We sure had a lot of fun together!

I thought it would be fun to incorporate our stART project for the week into our family fun gathering.  Last week we read the book, “Apples, Apples, Apples” by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace.  This is a book full of apple facts as it follows a bunny family on their trip to the apple orchard.  We learned all sorts of things that can be made from apples, the different colors of apples and how an apple tree grows. 

We had two projects to go along with this book as well as a tasty apple snack. 

First, we tried some printing with apples.  We showed the kids how you can cut an apple in different ways to make different shapes with the seeds.  They loved the star pattern best.  We dipped half of an apple into craft paint and stamped the apple image on white cardstock to create a set of notecards.

Next, Kelly led us in an another painting activity to make apple trees.  Since this was going to get messy we had the boys remove their shirts (and show us their muscles!).  The parents painted brown paint on their forearm and green paint on their hand.  The parents helped the kids stamp their arm on the construction paper (making a tree shape).  Last, the kids used their fingers dipped in paint to make apples on their trees.  I was so proud of how well they all handled this messy project.  They just loved it!!  It is fun to see their little personalities come out in their artwork. 


We concluded our Family Fun Night with a fun apple snack prepared by Suzie and sang some apple songs.

 Slice an apple and spread one side with peanut butter.  Line one apple slice with mini marshmallows and add the other apple slice to the top.  Viola!  You have Apple Mouth treats!

Round the Apple Tree

(sung to the tune of “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”)

Here we go round the apple tree,

The apple tree, the apple tree.

Here we go round the apple tree,

So early in the morning.

Verse 2:  This is the way we plant the seeds.

Verse 3:  This is the way the little seed sprouts.

Verse 4:  This is the way it grows to a tree.

Verse 5:  This is the way the flowers blossom.

Verse 6:  This is the way the apples grow.

Verse 7:  This is the way the apples are picked.


The Apple Song

(Sung to the tune of “Bingo”)

I know a food that’s good to eat

and apple is it’s name-o




and apple is it’s name-o!


I think the Apple Family Fun Night was a big success! 


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