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Handmade Baby Announcement January 11, 2013

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Handmade Birth Announcements

So this post is a “bit” delayed, but wanted to share it with you anyway.  As I’ve said before I tend to like to do things the hard, time-consuming way.  I handmade birth announcements for both of my boys.  My Bennett was born in June.  Prior to this I spent a lot of time on Pintrest looking for inspiration.  I found several ideas, but this was by far my favorite.


You can find the link here at One Canoe Two.

All of the baby’s information is printed on a cardstock slip of paper that is then wrapped around the picture.  I created a template of the baby’s information using Microsoft Word.  I printed them out using colored ink on white cardstock and then cut them into strips.


Next, I used a decorative edge punch on the long sides to make it more visually appealing.  This was the hardest part.  My hand sure hurt after completing this step.


Doesn’t it look better with a decorative edge?


Next, I added some color using stamps with blue and brown ink.



My amazing friend, Suzie, of Defined Impressions, took Bennett’s pictures shortly after he was born.  I used Pic Monkey to create a custom collage card to accommodate the paper band of information.

Bennett Announcement_2

Isn’t he too sweet?  Man, they grow up way too fast!

Last, I wrapped the paper band around the picture and used adhesive to secure the ends at the back of the photo.


If this wasn’t crazy enough I also decided to make my own envelopes using the Martha Stewart Scoring Board.  You know every new mom always has extra time on her hands, right?  HA!  Even though I’m a little nutty, I still really enjoy making handmade things.  It is actually a stress-reliever for me (most times).


Here is my Bennett James this week turning 7 months old!  I just love his baby blues and those chunky thighs!


Decorating (and Redecorating) the Nursery September 2, 2012

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If you’ve been following me this spring and summer, you know we got the surprise of our life on the afternoon of June 5th.  Our little girl we had been anticipating and planning for with all the frills entered the world as a baby BOY!  So, not everyone gets to decorate both a baby girl AND baby boy nursery in a matter of a few weeks….but we did!  Here is the front seat tour of the before (girl) and after (boy) nurseries.  Enjoy!

So I used polka-dots for both rooms (inspiration from the Pottery Barn catalog).  For the girl’s room I cut white vinyl circles from my Cricut machine and carefully measured them across the wall — every dot in its place.  For the boy’s room my mother-in-law painted three sizes of circle randomly on the wall. I think I preferred the evenly spaced circles, but the random ones are growing on me.  Luckily, I didn’t spend any extra money on the bedding.  The girl bedding was borrowed from my niece and the boy bedding we used with our first son.   Now let’s take a closer look above the crib.

In the girl’s room I painted the shape above the crib where the canvases would be hung.  For the boy’s room I skipped the shape and just used the wrapped canvases.  My great friend, Suzie, of Defined Impressions took Bennett’s pictures when he was six days old.  I had the canvases (20″ x 24″ and 16″ x 19″)  made at Sam’s Club.  This is my favorite part of the room — they turned out so beautiful!  I used my Cricut machine to cut out the “B” and name – Bennett James.

If you read Bennett’s birth story, you may remember my first thought when they told me it was a boy was “Oh no, what am I going to do with those lanterns I spent so many hours making and love so much?”.  Well, I was able to salvage the white lantern and then bought two blue paper lanterns at Target.  The pink ones are down in my office waiting to either be hung or find a new home (sniff sniff).

So I took the pink changing pad cover back to Wal-Mart, but in the meantime they quit carrying those.  I searched and found a blue one with while polka-dots at Target.  My mother-in-law in all her craftiness used the liner from the pink and brown basket and sewed me a blue and brown liner.  I love it even better than the pink version!  The cute little pink garbage can to the right of the dresser is now in my scrapbooking room.  The blue lamp was once in Will’s room and could be used again!

I was able to use the big diaper pin from Pottery Barn (my favorite purchase when I had Will) again.  I really had to talk my husband into painting the circle behind it in the girl’s room.  We are still in “talks” about re-painting a brown circle in the boy’s room.  I WILL WIN THIS BATTLE 😉  See the beautiful quilt on the rocker?  My aunt had made what I’m sure was a beautiful girl quilt that was just waiting for the name and date.  Little did she know she’d be making a whole new quilt.  It is gorgeous, and I can’t believe she had it made in about 2 weeks.

The tu-tu table and feather lamp….these items are still sitting in my basement waiting for a home.  I do admit I’m still using the jeweled pink clock, but it is hidden behind the basket on the changing table.  You will see the pink magnetic baby frame was spray painted blue and is behind the piggy bank.  The area above the dresser is still a work in progress.

So there it is….the decorating and re-decorating of the baby’s room.  I think God has taught me a life lesson in no matter how in control I may want to be HE is ultimately in control.  We are so blessed with our sweet, cuddly, laid back smiley and all BOY, Bennett James!


DIY Baby Wipes July 16, 2012

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Due to the arrival of our sweet little boy, my crafting time has had to take a little break.  So instead of a fun little craft post by me, you are getting a practical DIY project — baby wipes — very fitting don’t ya think?  When I had my first son, my book club friends shared this recipe for homemade baby wipes.  I just love them and have been making them for the last 4 years.  I’m actually on my second container since I wore out the first one.

Start with a roll of paper towels.  I like the Bounty Basics towels the best.  My husband used to cut them with his saw, but now I just use a knife to cut through the paper towel roll.  Works fine and I don’t have to wait for the hubby to cut them when I need them.

There’s not much to these wipes — so easy and cheap!

Homemade Baby Wipes

2 cups water

3 Tbsp baby oil

3 Tbsp body wash

1/2 a roll of paper towels

Mix the baby oil, water and body wash in a sealed container.  Place the paper towel roll inside as well.  Seal the container and turn it upside down.  Let it sit and soak up the liquid for about 5 minutes.

Pull the cardboard tube out from the paper towel roll at the end of the 5 minutes.

To use the wipes, pull the first towel piece from the center and tear at the perforation.  As long as you keep them in a sealed container they stay moist for a long time.  With a new baby they just don’t last all that long anyway 😉  These also work great to clean up kids after messy craft projects or sticky treats!

Who couldn’t love that face?  Here’s Bennett’s one-month picture.  He will be 6 weeks old tomorrow.  My how fast the time goes.   Hope you enjoy the wipes as much as I do!


Decorative pom-pom Lanterns May 28, 2012

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I’ve been so excited to share this project with you.  Since I found out we were having a little girl (any day now), I started pinning tons of these pom-pom lantern things that are so popular.  I pinned tissue paper ones, rosettes made from crepe paper and then found these gorgeous lanterns made from fabric.  BINGO these were IT!  I found the idea on Pintrest which led me to a tutorial on A Simple Kind of Life.

This project was really pretty easy.  You don’t need many materials, but you need lots and lots and lots of time.  These things really were labor-intensive, but I LOVE how they turned out.  I could hardly wait to get them hung up once they were done.

Here’s what you’ll need.

Paper Lanterns (I found a cheap 3 pack of lanterns at Hobby Lobby in their Spring aisle)

Fabric (you will need about 2 yd. of fabric for the smaller lanterns and 3-4 yd. for the large one)

Good pair of scissors

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Circle template and pen (I used 3-inch circles on the small & medium lanterns & 4-inch circles on the large)

First, I traced my circle pattern on to the fabric.  After the first lantern I learned to double the fabric and cut two at a time.  I also learned I needed new fabric scissors since my thumb was numb for nearly a week using dull scissors.  The plain fabrics work a little better since they are the same color on both sides, but the patterned one turned out okay, too.

This part takes a while as well, but it can be a relaxing activity to do while watching a movie or catching up on your television shows.  I enjoyed re-watching many episodes of Glee Season 1 making these lanterns.  (love that show)  Let me tell you that each lantern takes hundreds of circles to cover it and make it look full and fluffy.  I’m guessing the large lantern has nearly 500 circles on it.  I really should have kept track of how many I cut and glued.

Now for the finished product hung up.  My husband graciously put eyelet hooks in the ceiling.  We hung each lantern using white, glittered tulle.  See what you think.  I think it was the perfect girlie addition to our baby’s nursery.  Now she just needs to get here!


Baby Shower Fun April 23, 2012

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At the end of March our group of girlfriends hosted a baby shower for our friend and her new baby girl, Jocelyn.  It was a nice afternoon.  I’d like to share with you a few of the crafts we did in preparation for the event.

Paper Baby Shoe Favors

Stork Diaper Bundle

Name Pennant

Paper Baby Shoes

I pinned the idea for the paper baby shoes on Pintrest because I knew that I just had to make these for the next person I knew who was having their first baby.  They are a little labor intensive, but turned out oh, so cute!

You can get step-by-step directions and the template from Clemen’s Designs.


Shoe Template

Scrapbook Paper 8-1/2 x 11″  (fits 2 to a page)




Ribbon for bows


I started by tracing the template on a piece of 8-1/2 x 11 scrapbook paper.  I was able to trace 2 to a sheet.   To save myself time, I just photo copied the template to the remaining papers.  The one thing I didn’t think of is reversing the second copied template to create a left and right shoe.  We ended up having all right foot shoes at the party.  As my good friend, Shawn said, “She’ll be starting out on the right foot, then!”  PERFECT!

Next, the most intensive part of this project is cutting out all the pieces.  See all those notches – ugh!  I was really wishing this template was available on a Cricut cartridge somewhere.  It was a good project to just park yourself in front of the TV and cut, cut, cut.

The next step was assembly.  I’m thankful I had a couple of friends to come over and help me with this part.  Working with friends is always fun!

With each cut out template, fold the notches/flaps inward towards the wrong side of the paper.  Mark the third notch from the end with the long strap piece.  Place a dot of glue on this tab and glue it to the back middle of the heel.  Continue gluing the tabs down to the sole of the shoe until you are done.  IMPORTANT:  if you don’t start gluing  with the correct tab your shoe will not look right.  As my friend, Emily said, “It sort of looks like this one belongs to someone with Club Foot.”  When you have the shoe attached to the sole finish it off by gluing the side of the strap to the side of the shoe and pull the strap across the shoe and glue.

Last, add the fun details.  We added a pink button to the strap and a black and white ribbon/bow to the front of each shoe.    You can fill the shoe with just about anything.  We used peanuts and M&Ms.  These were a big hit at the shower.


Stork Diaper Bundle


Big thank you to Jen for making the Stork Diaper Bundle.  The idea came from a post on Pintrest by Cricut.  There aren’t many instructions on how to make this, but it is pretty self explanatory, I think.   The stork and congratulations bubble are cut from the “New Arrivals” Cricut cartridge (I borrowed from my friend, Kellie — thanks!).  A new mom can always use lots and lots of diapers!


Name Pennant

I made the name pennant using the Close To My Heart Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.  I cut each pennant out of the same paper that I used for the paper baby shoes.  I tied them together with black and white polka dot ribbon.  Next, I cut the letters out of black and white paper using the “Plantin’ Schoolbook” cartridge (I think).   Last, I added black and white paper flowers as accents.  We attached the pennant to the table-cloth using safety pins.


I think Jocelyn enjoyed her special day!


A Tu-Tu Table Skirt for Little Miss Baby Girl! April 17, 2012

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When I saw the idea for this tulle table skirt on Pintrest, I just knew I had to make if for our baby’s nursery.  We are so excited to be expecting a baby girl in early June!  I’ve gone a little “pink crazy”!  One afternoon my mother-in-law came over and helped me put this tu-tu table skirt together.  It was a quick and fun project.

I bought the pink feather lamp at Hobby Lobby — had to have it!!!


We followed the directions to make this tu-tu table skirt from eHow.  They were great instructions.


The table came from a local thrift shop.  My mother-in-law painted it a pale pink (Poetic Princess) the same color the walls in the nursery are painted.  She also had a spare round glass left over from a rummage that we set on top of the table.


4 spools of 6″ pink tulle

1 Spool of pink flowered ribbon

Piece of 1/2″ elastic

Needle and Thread

Small nails


Stick Pins



1)  Measure the perimeter of the table and then subtract 3 inches to cut the correct length of elastic.

2)  Join the ends of the elastic together and sew them together to secure.

3)  Next, measure the distance from the edge of the table to the floor.  Multiply this measurement by 2 and cut your tulle strips to this length.  In our case we cut the strips at 50 inches each.

4)  Fold one of the strips in half and make a loop at the folded section.  Hold it against the elastic and place the ends through the loop and pull tight.  This will make a slipknot.  Repeat this with each piece of tulle pulling the knots close together until you’ve gone all around the table.

5)  Put the skirt around the table and secure it into place by hammering nails into the side of the wooden table.  We first tried pushpins, but they showed through.

6)  Last, tie the flowered ribbon around the table covering the elastic with the tulle knots.  I secured the ribbon with stick pins.  I may eventually go back and stitch the ribbon to the elastic so I don’t have to worry about little hands getting poked with pins.

The pictures really don’t even show how full this skirt is.  It is even cuter in person!  I hope our little princess will like it.  I do have visions of little hands yanking on the tulle strips and little people hiding under this table.  It will be cute until she is mobile anyway!


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