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stART ~ The Teddy Bears’ Picnic July 27, 2011

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Summer is a great time to eat OUTSIDE!  We do enjoy a occaisional picnic.  Last week we read the book “The Teddy Bears’ Picnic” by Jimmy Kennedy.  I don’t know, but those bears sure know how to eat at their picnics.  All the sweet treats made me hungry while reading this book. 

This week’s art project had to be done in stages and probably wasn’t one of Will’s favorites.  It was maybe a little bit too complicated for a 3-year-old.  First I made “magic” paper by coloring every other square of folded paper with a white crayon.  (Note:  use a heavy paper — our paper was too light and the “magic” did not work).    Next, Will painted over the whole paper with red watercolor paint.  This is the part he wasn’t too into so it didn’t get painted quite enough.  This was supposed to look like the classic red and white checkerboard tablecloth.

Next, we talked about what kinds of food he would take on a picnic.  Will decided on grapes, pears, hot dogs and lollipops.  I found pictures of each food item on the internet, printed and cut them out.  Will used his new watercolor paints to color in each food picture.  I was impressed that he is starting to learn what color each item is and make it that color.  He also was working on not mixing up the colors in his new paint set.  This was his favorite part of the project.

After each piece dried, he glued them to his tablecloth paper using a glue stick.  Last, we used black stamp ink to make ants on the tablecloth.  He used his index fingerprint to create ants (3 prints in a row).

Here is the finished product.

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