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Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 4 ~ Party Favors! July 18, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Party Favors 021


Here are the party favors we gave out at Bennett’s birthday.  Actually, the Elmo party theme was born when I found those cute little Elmo tin boxes at our local DollarTree store.  I bought up a bunch of them and tucked them away.  When I found the visors on sale at Michael’s I threw those in as favors, too.

Elmo Birthday 020


There were two different styles of Elmo tins.  They were just the right size for a little vial of bubbles and some candy!

Elmo Birthday 006




red foam visors

large orange pom-poms

large wiggly eyes

craft glue

Elmo visor 021

Just glue the pieces to the visor using craft glue!  Simple!

Benny Visor 032


We can’t end this birthday party series of posts without telling the rest of the story of what happened that day….

Birthday Excitment Collage

Thankfully, it was after the party and no one was in the backyard at the time.  Around 4:00 we heard a gigantic BOOM!  It sounded like a gun shot or terrible car accident.  Little did I know that it was our tree branch that cracked and fell on the power-line.  It caused quite the uproar in the neighborhood.  It actually took out the power in nearly 60 homes in the area.  At first it popped, sizzled and smoked.  The neighbors called the fire department.  By the time they got there it had quit smoking.  We just had to wait for the power company to come restore the power.  What excitement!


Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 3 ~ The Cake & Brunch! July 17, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Cupcakes 030


I usually like to go “all-out” with my kids’ birthday cakes, so “just” doing cupcakes was a stretch for me.  It actually turned out to be perfect since we ended up having a morning party and serving brunch.  Besides, these Elmo cupcakes were just too cute for words.

Elmo Birthday 012


Cupcakes made from box mix

Red Frosting

Oreo Cookies

Reese’s Pieces

Wilton Candy Eyes

Decorating tips

Elmo Birthday 011

In a circular pattern frost each cupcake with the red frosting making small stars.

Elmo Birthday 013

Next, pull apart each Oreo Cookie, scrape off the creme (I won’t judge if you eat it) and cut the cookies in half to make Elmo’s mouth.  Just push it gently into the frosting to secure it.

Elmo Cupcake 010

Use an orange Reese’s’ Pieces candy for the nose and two Wilton candy eyes.  Viola!  Be sure to wait until right before the party to put the eyes on or the black color will bleed.

Brunch Collage

Since we had a morning party we served a breakfast/brunch.  It was so fun to do something a little different.  We served crock pot egg bake, fruit (Elmo-style), muffins, caramel rolls, banana bread, chocolate milk and coffee.  The fruit trays were a hit.  They were made with strawberries/watermelon  (head), Cutie orange (nose), blueberries (mouth), marshmallow with edible marker (eyes).  I found the mini milk bottles at Hobby Lobby.  They came with lock lids, but I just took those off.  Michael’s had true milk bottles, but they weren’t on sale 😉

Elmo Birthday 035

I think the Birthday Boy enjoyed his Elmo Cupcake!  What do you think?



Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~ Decorations July 16, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Banner  017


I found this birthday banner on Pintrest.  Turned out that there were no directions on how to make it, but I was able to recreate it.  I think it will definitely be able  to be used for future parties as well.  In fact, it is going to be used for my friend’s Mickey Mouse party in a couple of weeks!


Black Cardstock

White Cardstock

4 or 5 Coordinated Patterned Papers

Orange Ribbon

Red Tulle

Cricut Machine

Art Philosophy Cartridge

Disney Pooh Font Set Cartridge

2 Elmo Invitations

Masking Tape

Elmo Birthday 003

First, put your Circut machine back to work.  I used the Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut out the scalloped squares at 5 inches.  The patterned paper is used to cut the inside part and the black cardstock is the frame piece.  Adhere those pieces together.  Next, use the Disney – Pooh Font Set to cut out the letters.  I used the Marker  and Marker Shadow function for the letters.  Adhere the letter and shadow together and place them on the squares.

Elmo Birthday 008


Next, simply turn each square over, lay the orange ribbon across and tape the ribbon to each square using masking tape.  Not pretty, but the back won’t show anyway.  I added one of my Elmo invitation {here} to each end of the “Happy” ribbon.  Now do the same for the “Birthday” piece.

Elmo Birthday 009



Now flip each piece over and tie a piece of red tulle between each letter square and at each end.


Elmo Birthday Centerpiece 015

I also found this cute fishbowl centerpiece on Pintrest.  We know that Elmo adores his pet goldfish, Dorothy.

(Thanks to a friend for loaning me the fishbowl! )


Black Cardstock

Red Cardstock

Orange Cardstock

White Cardstock

Patterned Paper (polka dot)

Cricut Machine

Art Philosophy Cartridge

Sesame Street Font Cartridge

Plantin’ Schoolbook Cartridge

Cuttin’ Up Cartridge

Red Tulle

Bamboo Skewers


Goldfish Crackers

Elmo Birthday 014

I cut all the pieces out on my Cricut.  I used the Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut the shape w/ frame with Bennett’s name on it.  I used Plantin’ Schoolbook to cut out the letters of his name.  I used black paper for the shadow of the letters.

The Elmo was cut from the Sesame Street Font cartridge (the same cartridge I used for the invitation).

The “B” and “2” were cut out using the Cuttin’ Up cartridge.  I added another background of black paper to help them stand out.  I just used scissors to cut around the shape.

Attach a bamboo skewer to the back of each piece using tape and tie a couple of pieces of red tulle.

Fill the fishbowl with Goldfish Crackers and stick the skewers in.

Elmo Birthday 023

I added a few of our stuffed Elmos to the table.  I found a red paper lantern in the $1 bin at Michael’s and cut out the Elmo face pieces from the Sesame Street Font Cartridge and glued them to the lantern.  Add a piece of red tulle to hang it.



Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 1 ~ Invitations July 15, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Invitations 001


I think Bennett loved these Elmo Birthday Invitations best of all.  He still likes to look at them a whole month later. They were so easy to make thanks to the Cricut Machine!


Red Cardstock

Black Cardstock

White Cardstock

Orange Cardstock

Cricut Machine

Sesame Street Cricut Cartridge


Computer printed invite info

washi tape

Sesame Street Font


The Sesame Street Font Cricut cartridge does all the work for you!


Cut all the pieces and simply adhere them together.  I cut them to fit in a 5 x 7 envelope.  I cut them out at 5 inches.

Elmo Birthday 002

Last, I used Microsoft Word to type the party information and printed it out on regular copy paper.  I attached the information to the back of each Elmo cut-out using a piece of washi tape in opposite corners.

Elmo invite 001


Elmo Birthday Party!

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Elmo Birthday Collage


Last month we celebrated Bennett’s 2nd Birthday with an Elmo celebration.  I’m going to share with you some of the fun Elmo creations I made for the party.  Bennett seemed to adore it.


Ironman Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~ Treat Sacks June 13, 2013

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Treat Sacks

Along with candy, stickers and temporary Avengers tattoos, I had two handmade items in the Ironman treat sacks that I’m going to show you in Part 2 of the Ironman Birthday Party posts.  I decided it would be fun to put all the goodies into a clear cone-shaped bag.  I was even able to find coordinating colored M&Ms and Sixlets.  I just tied the top of the bag together with maroon and gold ribbon.

Superhero Suckers

First up, Superhero Suckers!  I found this idea on Pintrest, but there was no further link to anything other than the picture.


I hand-drew the cape pattern on an index card and then traced the shape on the maroon-colored felt.  I cut the triangle shape out of the gold-colored felt.


I also punched a small hole in the top-center of each cape using a hole punch.  Glue the gold triangles on the capes.


You can see I printed the message “Thanks for Coming!” on white cardstock and used a circle punch to cut them out. Next, using the hole punch I added a hole at the top and bottom of each circle (to insert the sucker)


To assemble just insert the sucker stick through the cape and then through each hole in the circle message piece.  Very quick and easy project.


Next up, the Ironman Mask!  I also found this on Pintrest which led me to Jessica at Cutesy Crafts.  She gives great tips here and has patterns for a whole variety of superhero masks.  I made all Ironman for Will’s party.  I would suggest going here to get more detailed instructions for making the masks.  I’m just going to briefly show you how I made them (plus I forgot to take pictures during the process).

Pattern Collage

I copied the Ironman pattern (found here) on cardstock and cut out the pieces to use as a pattern.  Next, I traced the patterns onto the felt using a fade-away pen.  One pattern is traced on gold felt and the other on maroon felt.   I cut two of each maroon piece per mask.

Mask Collage

First, I sewed the gold piece on top of one of the maroon pieces using gold thread.  Remember to also sew around the eye holes.  Next, I laid this piece on top of the second maroon piece.  In between the two pieces secure the 3/4″ elastic piece (14-inches long).  Sew around the whole mask using maroon thread.  Also, remember to sew around the eye holes during this step.   That’s all there is to it!  It was a really fun project and they were a big hit at the party.

Will's 5th Birthday 073

The Birthday Boy Ironman!

Will's 5th Birthday 085

The Whole Crazy Ironman Gang!


Ironman Birthday Party ~ Part 1 ~ Invitations May 30, 2013

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Ironman invite

Ever since last year’s Spiderman party Will has been bound and determined to have an Ironman birthday party for his 5th birthday.  I really can’t believe the theme stuck especially since Transformers became quite popular at our house.  I’ll kick off a series of posts of our Ironman Birthday Party with the invitations.

I found the inspiration for these invites from Pintrest and Grace’s Scrap Attic.  I got a few tips, but really had to fill in a lot of the details to get them all figured out.  I was pretty excited with the final product.  I was thankful to have time at a scrapbook retreat to construct them, because they were a little time-intensive.

Ironman mask Collage

First, I took a picture of one of Will’s Ironman masks to make a template for the card pieces.  I downloaded the picture and put it into a Word document.  There I could re-size it so that it would fit in an invitation envelope.  Next, I cut apart each of the pieces so they could be traced onto colored cardstock.


See — time-intensive with all that tracing and cutting!

Now for the assembly!

Ironman assembly Collage

Assemble the pieces as seen in the first box.  I printed the party information on pieces of white cardstock and then cut them out.  Make sure that the information all fits so that it hides within the top piece and you still have room to glue the jaw piece to the invite.  To assemble — glue the white invitation information piece to the back of the jaw piece (making sure that when it fits together the top doesn’t go outside of the head piece.  Last, place the front head piece on top and glue it to the back just around the edges so the jaw piece is able to move in and out.

Ironman invite

Pull on the jaw piece and out pops the invitation!


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