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Caramel Apple Dip August 26, 2011

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I came across this recipe on Pintrest connecting me to the recipe on The Faithful Foodie.  Let me tell you it is a fabulous little treat!  It is so easy.  The hardest part is cutting up the apples.  It was a great dish to bring to a potluck.  I made it for our Circle’s potluck a couple of weeks ago.  A word of advice –  if you are transporting this make sure it is sitting on a level surface.  When I got to church the pie plate had slid and I had ooey, gooey caramel on the backseat of my car.  ICK!

Caramel Apple Dip

1 8 oz package of cream cheese

1 jar of Mrs. Richardson’s Caramel (or other caramel dip)

1 bag Heath bar toffee pieces

Sliced Apples


 Spread the cream cheese in the bottom of a pie plate or dish.  I used the whipped cream cheese which was so easy to spread in the bottom of the plate.

Pour the jar of caramel over the cream cheese layer.

Sprinkle the Heath pieces over the caramel layer.


Serve with sliced apples or gingersnaps for dipping! 



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