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Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~ Decorations July 16, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Banner  017


I found this birthday banner on Pintrest.  Turned out that there were no directions on how to make it, but I was able to recreate it.  I think it will definitely be able  to be used for future parties as well.  In fact, it is going to be used for my friend’s Mickey Mouse party in a couple of weeks!


Black Cardstock

White Cardstock

4 or 5 Coordinated Patterned Papers

Orange Ribbon

Red Tulle

Cricut Machine

Art Philosophy Cartridge

Disney Pooh Font Set Cartridge

2 Elmo Invitations

Masking Tape

Elmo Birthday 003

First, put your Circut machine back to work.  I used the Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut out the scalloped squares at 5 inches.  The patterned paper is used to cut the inside part and the black cardstock is the frame piece.  Adhere those pieces together.  Next, use the Disney – Pooh Font Set to cut out the letters.  I used the Marker  and Marker Shadow function for the letters.  Adhere the letter and shadow together and place them on the squares.

Elmo Birthday 008


Next, simply turn each square over, lay the orange ribbon across and tape the ribbon to each square using masking tape.  Not pretty, but the back won’t show anyway.  I added one of my Elmo invitation {here} to each end of the “Happy” ribbon.  Now do the same for the “Birthday” piece.

Elmo Birthday 009



Now flip each piece over and tie a piece of red tulle between each letter square and at each end.


Elmo Birthday Centerpiece 015

I also found this cute fishbowl centerpiece on Pintrest.  We know that Elmo adores his pet goldfish, Dorothy.

(Thanks to a friend for loaning me the fishbowl! )


Black Cardstock

Red Cardstock

Orange Cardstock

White Cardstock

Patterned Paper (polka dot)

Cricut Machine

Art Philosophy Cartridge

Sesame Street Font Cartridge

Plantin’ Schoolbook Cartridge

Cuttin’ Up Cartridge

Red Tulle

Bamboo Skewers


Goldfish Crackers

Elmo Birthday 014

I cut all the pieces out on my Cricut.  I used the Art Philosophy Cartridge to cut the shape w/ frame with Bennett’s name on it.  I used Plantin’ Schoolbook to cut out the letters of his name.  I used black paper for the shadow of the letters.

The Elmo was cut from the Sesame Street Font cartridge (the same cartridge I used for the invitation).

The “B” and “2” were cut out using the Cuttin’ Up cartridge.  I added another background of black paper to help them stand out.  I just used scissors to cut around the shape.

Attach a bamboo skewer to the back of each piece using tape and tie a couple of pieces of red tulle.

Fill the fishbowl with Goldfish Crackers and stick the skewers in.

Elmo Birthday 023

I added a few of our stuffed Elmos to the table.  I found a red paper lantern in the $1 bin at Michael’s and cut out the Elmo face pieces from the Sesame Street Font Cartridge and glued them to the lantern.  Add a piece of red tulle to hang it.



Elmo Birthday Party ~ Part 1 ~ Invitations July 15, 2014

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Elmo Birthday Invitations 001


I think Bennett loved these Elmo Birthday Invitations best of all.  He still likes to look at them a whole month later. They were so easy to make thanks to the Cricut Machine!


Red Cardstock

Black Cardstock

White Cardstock

Orange Cardstock

Cricut Machine

Sesame Street Cricut Cartridge


Computer printed invite info

washi tape

Sesame Street Font


The Sesame Street Font Cricut cartridge does all the work for you!


Cut all the pieces and simply adhere them together.  I cut them to fit in a 5 x 7 envelope.  I cut them out at 5 inches.

Elmo Birthday 002

Last, I used Microsoft Word to type the party information and printed it out on regular copy paper.  I attached the information to the back of each Elmo cut-out using a piece of washi tape in opposite corners.

Elmo invite 001


Washi Tape Gift Tags December 21, 2013

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Washi Tape Gift Tags

Washi Tape has become my newest obsession!  I love this stuff!  There are so many fun things to do with it.  I even have a “washi tape” board on my Pintrest site.  Because I am the queen of making things more difficult than they need to be when I’m a mother of young children, I decided it would be fun to make my own gift tags this year.

Don’t get me wrong they have been so fun to make, but it has usually been about 9:30 at night when I sit down to make them!  They are cute, though, right?

Blog 019


Gift Tags (either bought or cut on the Cricut – I cut mine using the Art Philosophy Cartridge)

Christmas Washi Tape

Red and White Baker’s Twine


Washi Tape

I bought this Christmas Washi Tape from Pick Your Plum on a whim!  They had a deal on Thanksgiving Day so how could I resist.  My favorites were the “Merry Christmas” and “Green & White Chevron ones”!

Blog 021

I just jumped in and got creative with the tape.  Here are a few examples.

Gift Tag Collage

Here’s how they look on the gifts.  On my wrapped gifts I opted for these cute tags rather than adding bows (that always fall off anyway).  I hope people enjoy them!  I may have found my new thing.  I see having a big stack of these tags on hand to use all throughout the year.


Turkey Table Favors November 25, 2013

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Turkey Table Favors

Thanksgiving is just a few days away.  For once in my life, I’m way ahead of the game and have these cute favors ready to share with our families.  I got this super cute idea and very fun project from one of my favorite blogs: Smashed Peas and Carrots.




Baker’s Twine

Scrapbook Papers

Googly Eyes

Hot Glue Gun & Glue Sticks

Sewing the Bags

Sewing Collage

You can just buy the bags, but the only ones I could find were pretty spendy for a small quantity.  I decided I would take on the challenge of sewing the bags.  1) Cut a piece of 10″ x 3″ muslin  2)  Fold it in half (5″ x 3″)  3) Sew up the sides (leave an open spot to pull the twine through)  4) Fold over the edge about 1/2″ as a casing for the twine (I found it much easier to just sew the twine right in the casing rather than trying to pull it through afterwards  5)  Turn the bag right side out


Decorate your bag with googly eyes, orange paper beaks and red paper waddles.


You can either make a feather template and cut out five feathers for each turkey, or take the easy way out like I did and cut the feather shapes out on the Cricut.  I used a petal shape from the Art Philosophy cartridge.  Next, I glued the feathers together as pictured.  I used hot glue to attach the paper feathers to the back of the muslin turkey bag.


Last, and best of all, fill up your turkey bags with yummy treats.  Our treat of choice was a variety of chocolate!

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!


Pumpkin Garland October 4, 2013

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pumpkin garland

I came across this cute little project from an e-mail I received that linked to different blogs featuring Halloween crafts.  I fell in love with this project and just had to make it.  If  you are craving some new fall decos and don’t have a lot of time, this project is for you!  It is very simple and fast!  The original idea came from Chicken Scratch.  Visit this site to see another style of this garland.



Orange Cardstock

Patterned Cardstock

Brown Cardstock (scraps)

Dark Brown Chalk

Pop Dots

Cricut Machine (Doodlecharms & George Basic Shapes)


I cut 6 pumpkin shapes (about 5 1/2″) from the Doodlecharms cartridge on my Cricut.  Next, using the patterned paper I cut 6 oval shapes from the George Basic Shapes cartridge (about 5 1/2″).  To make the stem I just traced that part of the pumpkin shape onto brown cardstock.  Prior to putting the pieces together, I used the dark brown chalk to chalk the edges of each piece for a more rustic look.

To construct the pumpkins I glued the brown stem to each pumpkin shape.  Next, I used 4 pop dots to attach the oval piece in the center of each pumpkin.  I like how it gave the pumpkins a little dimension.



Jute Twine

Hole Punch

To hang the garland I used a hole punch to make two holes on the sides of each pumpkin.  Next, I strung the jute twine through the holes.  Last, I hung it up on my fireplace mantel.  Easy and so festive!





stART ~ I’m not Reading! June 9, 2013

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This week we read “I’m not Reading!” by Jonathan Allen.  In this book baby owl reluctantly reads a story to baby chick, but each time he begins the story more and more of chicks family (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.) comes in excitedly to hear the story.  Baby owl loses room on his lap until the adults come in to help solve their problem.

I'm Not Reading


For our art project we had to make an owl!  (To my dear friend, Jackie, who has a fear of owls – it is a nice and cute owl – I promise).


I found this idea on Pintrest and Kerry’s Craft Blog.



Pillowbox template (I just searched on Pintrest for one)

Red Cardstock

12 – Patterned Red Cardstock circles (1/2″)

2 – White Cardstock circles (2″)

2 – Black Cardstock circles (1″)

2 – Red Cardstock ovals

2 – Orange heart shapes




Cut out and score the pillowbox pattern on cardstock.

Owl Collage

1)  Glue the black circle on top of the white circle and add a gemstone to the center of the black circle.

2)  Glue one of the orange hearts (point side up) at the bottom of the pillowbox.  Add the patterned paper circles (3 in a row) to the length of the pillowbox.

3)  Add the eyes, second heart as the nose and ovals for wings.

4)  Put together the pillowbox and secure with glue.

**This was a good activity for following directions and gluing.  I had all the pieces pre-cut.  All Will had to do was assemble the owl. **




Teacher Appreciation Gifts May 24, 2013

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Teacher Appreciation Gifts

I can’t believe it is the end of the school year!  Where did that time go?  Our little man if now a preschool graduate and on to kindergarten next year – yikes!  Here are a few of the gifts we gave his teachers for Teacher Appreciation Week.  We were so blessed to have two wonderful teachers and many wonderful helpers!

Initial/Name Cups

April_May 066


Self-Adhesive Vinyl for the Cricut Machine

Plastic Cool Drink Cup

Cups Collage

I started by cutting each teacher’s initial of their last name using black vinyl.  I adhered it to the plastic cup.  Next, I used the white vinyl and cut out each teacher’s first name and placed it on top of the black initial.  I used two different Cricut Cartridges (Black Initial – Plantin’ Schoolbook and White name – Opposites Attract).

Cup Tag Collage

I added a tag I printed out on the computer.  Inside the cup I added a gift card to The Juice Stop our local smoothie shop.

Sticky Note Stack

Sticky Note Stack

I found this idea on Pintrest which led me to the blog “The Blackberry Vine“.  I thought the printable tag was super cute!  You can find it over at The Blackberry Vine.  Print it out and tie together different sized sticky notes with a matching ribbon.  Who doesn’t love a stack of note paper? (I know I am a sucker for office products)

Cookie Tin

Cookie Collage

Will and I baked Chocolate Chip cookies using our special recipe.  Stay tuned and it may appear on the blog one day.  I found these cute hounds tooth tins in the Target dollar section.  I added a computer printed and stamped tag, plastic wrap and a ribbon.  A tasty and simple gift for hard-working teachers.

Teacher Collage

A BIG thank you to Will’s teacher this year for giving him the BEST first school experience!!!



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