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Cupcake Picks January 25, 2013

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close cupcake

For Bennett’s baptism I decided to have cupcakes instead of a cake.  I still wanted to make the cupcakes “special and personable” for the occasion, but didn’t find anything I could buy.  I thought I would try to make personalized cupcake picks to dress up the cupcakes we made.  They were nothing too fancy, but they added a little something to commemorate Bennett’s special day.



Religious Stickers

Circles cut from silver cardstock


Black Marker

Scotch Tape


I found these pretty Stickability stickers at Hobby Lobby.  I thought the different styles of crosses were a nice touch for the cupcake picks.


I cut circles out on my Cricut from the silver cardstock paper.  I placed a cross sticker in the middle of each circle and wrote around the edges using a black marker.


Here are the different styles!


Last, I used scotch tape to secure a toothpick to the back of each circle!  Easy!

cupcake stand



Bennett James, Child of God



stART ~ The Sun is My Favorite Star May 24, 2012

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After a long (too long) of a break from our stART projects, we are going to try to get back on board for the summer.  We kicked off this week by reading “The Sun is My Favorite Star” by Frank Asch.  This is a simple, yet informational, book about all the things the sun does for us.  A great topic to kick off summer, right?

For our project we made Sunshine Cupcakes to share with our neighbors and daycare friends.  The idea came from Pintrest via Taste of Home.

I started by baking the cupcakes, yes, straight from the boxed mix!  I know, super fancy!  I also used the canned frosting.

Will helped with the decorating portion of the project.  He had a great time and it even kept his attention until we were done.  After that project, he did not have the patience to visit with our neighbors when we dropped them off.


Boxed Cake Mix

Canned Frosting (white)

Food Coloring or Paste (yellow & red)

Mini Chocolate Chips

Candy Corn

Yellow Sprinkles (optional)

After I frosted the cupcakes, Will was the official sprinkle guy.  Note we did this on a plastic tray so the many, many, many extra sprinkles could be returned to the bottle to reuse.  If I were to do this project again, I’d suggest skipping the sprinkles since it make it hard to stick the rest of the candy on.

Next, we placed two mini chocolate chips near the center to make the sun’s eyes.  I used red frosting to draw the smile.  The recipe suggested using red licorice for the smile.  The frosting worked pretty slick.

Last, we added candy corn candies around the perimeter of the cupcake to make the sun’s rays.

You are my sunshine!!!!


stART ~ Tacky the Penguin & some Family Fun! January 14, 2012

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Our Family Fun group reconvened this week after the holidays.  We had our biggest crew yet and had so much fun doing activities about PENGUINS!  We’d like to share our fun with you!



For our stART book/project Amy read us “Tacky the Penguin” by Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger.  The Tacky books are so cute.  This is the first in the series.  Tacky is a penguin who beats to his own drum.  In this story he tells how he saved the day when some hunters come to their land. 



For our art project we made penguins, of course.  I found the idea on Pintrest, which came from the blog Casa Camacho.  I had pre-cut all the pieces of the penguin (body/head, tummy, wings, beak and wiggly eyes).  The kids, along with the help of their parents, positioned the pieces on their penguin and then glued them on.  The last (and most fun) part of the project was making the penguin’s feet.  I think all the parents thought I was a little crazy to tackle this part of the project, but those kids did a fabulous job. (There was no paint on the tables, floor or chairs).  I had the kids place their hands in orange paint and put their handprints at the bottom of their penguin to make the feet. 



We had some more fun with penguins with these activities!



We played the Penguin Relay to burn off some energy.  The kids were divided into two teams (NOTE: it was not an easy task to get 9 preschool-aged kids into two lines! Much appreciation to all the preschool teachers out there!).  One at a time the kids would place a ball between their knees and waddle across the room and then run the ball back to the next person in line.  It was hilarious to watch!  I really should have taken a video of it. 


I’m a Little Penguin Song

(sung to the tun of I’m a Little Teapot)

I’m a little penguin round and fat

Here is my beak, here is my hat.

Winter days are coming, hear me shout.

“Please don’t toss my mittens out!”


I’m a little penguin black and white

Short and wobbly, an adorable sight

I can’t fly at all, but I love to swim

So I’ll waddle to the water and dive right in.


I’m a little penguin on the ice

I think cold is very nice

I can hop around first once, then twice

I think ice is very nice



For our last activity we made penguin cupcakes.  I found this idea on Pintrest, which came from Family Fun magazine.  I think they turned out really cute!  Start with a cupcake frosted with white frosting.  Next, the penguin head and wings are made from halves of  Keebler Grasshopper cookies.  The eyes are made from mini M&Ms dipped in frosting so they stick to the cookie.  Last, the beak and feet are made from a cut up orange slice. 

It was a fun time!


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