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Burlap Bunnies May 2, 2014

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Burlap Bunnies


When I saw this idea from Landeelu I knew I had to try it!  How adorable are these bunnies?  I made them as little favors at our Easter celebrations.


1 yd. burlap

1 bottle craft paint

1 foam circle sponge


scissors/cutting mat/rotary cutter

baker’s twine

Candy or something to fill the bunnies




I started by cutting the burlap into 5″ x 8″ rectangles.  You will need two rectangles for each bunny.


Jo-Ann’s Fabric sells super cute burlap with polka-dots in cute spring colors.  To tell you the truth, I was too cheap to pay $14.99/yd for this super cute burlap.  I opted to buy the plain burlap and make my own dots.  It worked beautifully.  After cutting all the pieces out, I laid them on newspaper and used the circle sponge to make dots on the burlap pieces with pink craft paint.  They dried fairly quickly, too.

sewing bunnies

Now you are ready to assemble the bunnies!  This is super fast and easy!  This would even be a great project for a child who wants to learn how to sew.  First, cut a deep V in both rectangles to create the bunny ears.  Next, place right sides together and pin together in a few spot to hold it secure while sewing.  Starting on the left side about at the point of the “V”, sew around to the right side at the point of the “V”.  Last, clip the corners at the bottom to rid the bulk of the burlap when you turn it right-side out.


Turn the burlap right-side out.  The final step of assembly is to sew a straight line down from the top of each ear to the point of the “V” where your side seam exists.  Make sure you leave the other sides of the ears open to add a fun treat inside.

final bunny

You can either fill the bunny with candy to give as Easter favors/treats, or you can fill it with dry beans or rice to use as a decoration.  Fill each bunny and tie it closed with baker’s twine.

“Hoppy” Easter!


Easter Handprint Card April 18, 2014

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Easter Handprint Card


Our church has what you may call “care groups” which we call Shepherding Groups.  We are shepherds to a group of people from our church (our flock) and send them greetings and pray for them throughout the year.  Each year I try to find a new Easter card to create to send out to our flock.  I found this year’s card idea on Pintrest from Sassy Dealz.  I thought it was cute and I had the perfect little 22-month old handprint to make it!



White cardstock cut in half lengthwise

Crosses cut from black cardstock (Cricut Wedding Cartridge)

Hills cut from green cardstock

Yellow Craft Paint

Foam Brush




First, I pre-cut all the white cardstock card bases and folded them.  Next, I used the foam brush to cover my son’s hand with yellow craft paint.  He LOVED this, but I made sure I had a firm grasp on his hand.  😉


Press that cute pudgy hand firmly near the top left of the folded white cardstock.


 Now just attach the pieces to the card as seen below.


Ta-Da!!!!  I just love the handprint sun!


I added a few details to dress it up:  Happy Easter stamp and a metal swirl.

This is the verse I found to write on the inside of each card:

“May you always feel the love of our Savior shining brightly in your life.  Happy Easter!”

Have a blessed Easter weekend!

Christ has RISEN!

He has RISEN Indeed!


Easter Peeps Cookies April 2, 2012

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I found this cute little idea and recipe on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle last spring.   I thought they were so adorable.  Since I found it too late in the spring,  Hobby Lobby was all out of the larger size bunny cookie cutters.  Well, this year I was on the ball and snatched one up as soon as the Easter aisle was filled!  Last year I was able to find the tiny Easter cookie cutters, so used those.



Here is what the cookie cutter looks like.  You need to remove the pink rubber piece and slightly squeeze the sides inward to make a more authentic peep shape.


Here is the other variety of cookie cutters we used besides the peeps.


Here is the sugar cookie recipe that I used from Sugarbelle.


Rolled Sugar Cookies

3 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, room temperature
1 cup sugar
1 large egg
1 teaspoon good quality vanilla extract

Parchment paper


-In a medium bowl, stir together the flour and baking powder and set aside.

-In the bowl of an electric mixer, using the paddle attachment, cream together the butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  This should take about 3 minutes.

-Add the egg and vanilla and beat another minute or so.

-Add the flour mixture slowly.  (Be careful not to add too much at a time or you will have a snowstorm of flour.)

-Blend until all of the flour is incorporated and the dough begins to pull away from the sides of the bowl.

-Take the dough out of the bowl and place it on a piece of parchment paper.

-Using your hands, knead the dough a few times.

-Place the dough in a large plastic (ziplock type) bag and refrigerate for about 2 hours.  If you want to speed up the chilling process, place the bag of dough in the freezer for about 20-30 minutes. Just don’t forget it in the freezer, or it will become to firm to work with (and then you’ll have to wait for it to thaw).

-When it’s almost time to remove the dough from the refrigerator (or freezer), preheat oven to 350 degrees (F).
-When the dough has chilled and is firm, take out about half of the dough, leaving the rest in the refrigerator (until your ready to work with it).

Roll with sheet of parchment paper over the dough.

Cut 1/3 inch thick. Chill in freezer/refrigerator for 3-5 min before baking

Bake for 8-10 minutes  about 30 cookies (2-2 ½ in)



Will and I worked together to make the dough and cut out the cookies.  It was a fun mother-son activity for a Saturday.  He really enjoys baking and I’m amazed at how long he’ll keep with the task.  We are expecting a baby in June.  I thought it was so sweet that Will wanted to make some of the bunnies with babies in their tummy.  (Note pink peep cookie pictured above).  I think he’s ready for his little sister to arrive!


(Wow, please disregard our messy kitchen in this picture.  Lots of baking lately = lots of dirty dishes!)


Here is the recipe I used for the icing.  I made two batches of this recipe and divided each batch in half before coloring it. It was just about the perfect amount.  I used Wilton coloring paste for the food coloring to get the bright and vibrant colors (rose, leaf green, orange, lemon yellow and aqua blue).  I then sprinkled a coordinating color of sanding sugar over the top of each cookie.  I used chocolate (canned) frosting for the eyes and noses.


Sugar Cookie Icing


  • 1 cup confectioners’ sugar
  • 2 teaspoons milk
  • 2 teaspoons light corn syrup
  • 1/4 teaspoon almond extract
  • assorted food coloring


  1. In a small bowl, stir together confectioners’ sugar and milk until smooth. Beat in corn syrup and almond extract until icing is smooth and glossy. If icing is too thick, add more corn syrup.
  2. Divide into separate bowls, and add food colorings to each to desired intensity. Dip cookies, or paint them with a brush.

Here is the finished plate of Easter cookies ready to take to our family gatherings!


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