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Initial Frames January 7, 2013

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Initial Teacher Frames

I wanted to share with you the gifts I made for Will’s preschool teachers and a slight variation on this gift I made for my office co-worker friends.  I did hi-jack this idea from my friend, Tanya, when we were gone on our annual scrapbooking trip to Minnesota.  She was doing the same for her sons’ teachers and her co-workers.  I loved the idea so much I had to copy her. 😉


First, I found two 8 x 10 frames.  I found these frames at Michael’s Crafts.  Next, I cut a piece of scrapbook paper to fit the frame.  We found this super cute paper that looks like handwriting paper at Crafts Direct in St. Cloud, MN.  I wish I would have picked up a few more pieces.  It was just perfect for the teacher gifts!


In order to turn the frame into a hanging piece I added two prong hangers to the back of the frame and strung it with hanging wire.  This was the hardest part of the whole project.


I attached the prongs right to the cardboard backing piece of the frame rather than the wood of the frame.


One on each side.


I found ribbon that matched the paper I used to cut out the teacher’s initial  for the frame.  I cut them about 4 inches long.  I think I used about a spool of each color for each picture.

Halloween 015

I tied one end of the hanging wire to the frame, but left the other end untied.  I started tying the ribbons to the wire in a pattern.  I tied them really close together to create a fuller look.  When you get close to the opposite end tie the other end of the wire to the prong.

 teacher frames

Here are the finished teacher frames.  I cut the initials out of another piece of scrapbook paper using my Cricut machine (Alphalicious cartridge).  Lastly, I hand wrote the teacher’s name below the initial.  I have to add here that we are so thankful for Mrs. Tams and Miss Congdon who have enriched our little guy’s life with so many great learning experiences at preschool!


Here is the variation on the initial frame that I made for my co-workers in the office.  I used a 5 x7 frame and cream paper with black stripes for the background (Jo-Ann Fabrics).  Instead of making it a hanging picture, I added three ribbons tied around the base of the frame.  The frame just stands on its own.  I also used their first name initial instead of last name.


Spiderman Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~ Decorations & Favors March 31, 2012

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I had so much fun creating all these fun decorations and favors for Will’s birthday party.  My Cricut machine sure got a workout like it has never had before.

I didn’t have a lot of decorations for the party, but when I saw these call-out signs on Jolly Mom, I had to give them a try!  There are printable templates available on Jolly Mom.  I decided to recreate them using my Cricut machine.  I found the call-out shape on the “Plantin’ Schoolbook” cartridge and the letters came from “Opposites Attract”.

I cut out the regular shape in various colored cardstock and then did the shadow image of the shape in black cardstock.  I did a coordinating color cardstock for the letters.

I added a wooden skewer to each sign so that they could be held by the kids in pictures or be stuck in buckets as part of the decorations.  This worked slick!  I taped the skewer to the black paper with scotch tape and then used adhesive to attached the colored piece on top.

I had each child pick a call-out sign to hold and took their picture in front of the cake table and the city background.  I later used these pictures as thank-you cards.  Here we see the cutie sisters, Bella and Sophia!  One day when I was shopping in the dollar section at Target, I found those cute little Spiderman pails.  I filled each pail with Will’s favorite kinds of candy (licorice, gummy worms, salt water taffy and fireballs -just had those on hand) and stuck a call-out sign in each of those.

Thanks to the Jolly Mom, again, we had these adorable no-sew superhero capes as party favors for all the kids.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out to my mom, mother-in-law and aunt-in-law for helping me with these capes.  We made about 20 capes in two hours one Sunday afternoon.  (and yes, I do realize that Spiderman doesn’t really have a cape, but just go with it for the party theme)

We started with two different colors of felt.  I can’t quite remember how much I bought.  It was probably 2-4 yards of each color.  We ended up with just about enough and some left over pieces.

When you visit Jolly Mom there is a printable pattern to use to cut out the capes.  We pinned the pattern to the folded felt and started cutting away!

From the scrap pieces we cut oval shapes and sewed them to the back of each cape.  Inside each oval we put the child’s initial that I freehand cut out of felt.  We used craft glue to glue the letters on.  Nancy sewed the ovals on to the capes and Pam ironed the capes and stuck velcro on the straps of the cape (using the self-stick velcro).

The capes didn’t seem like that big of a hit at the party, but several parents have told me they are a big hit at home.  Some kids even have slept in their superhero capes!  I wish I would have gotten a group picture of the kids in their capes, but with so many little ones it was just too hard to orchestrate it.

I wasn’t going to do any favors beside the superhero capes, but then I saw this pattern in the new Close To My Heart catalog and just HAD to make them!  I never got a picture of the favors with the goodies inside, but they had a twirly straw, Spiderman tattoos, Spiderman cookie and Pixie sticks.

I cut the fry boxes out on my Cricut using the CTMH “Art Philosophy” cartridge using the CTMH Superhero paper pack.  They were simple to cut and fold together.  To embellish them I cut the cityscape, call-out and “4” from the “Plantin Schoolbook” cartridge.  I found the Spiderman stickers at Wal-Mart.  These favors were a big hit!


Groundhog Day! February 2, 2012

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We had a fun night tonight with our friends, Amanda, Bella and Sophia!  They had us over for pizza and we brought the crafts!  Unfortunately, we didn’t have a Groundhog book so it was just a craft minus the story.  I found this idea in combination from Pintrest and A Mommy’s Adventure. 


First, the kids colored a printable of a groundhog, and the adults helped the little ones cut them out.




Next, each kiddo was given a strip of green construction paper with a line drawn on the back.  They used a scissors to cut fringes up to the line (creating something that looks like grass).




Using a brown crayon, the kids colored their styrofoam cup to look like the ground (groundhog burrow). 



Last, all the pieces were assembled together.  The groundhog was taped to a popcicle stick.  We poked the stick through the bottom of the cup so the groundhog could move up and down out of his burrow.  We also taped the green grass around the top of the cup. 




Growing Up so FAST January 16, 2012

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Every Martian Luther King Jr. Day since these Three Musketeers were born, we have gotten together for a playdate.  Today was our 4th annual meeting.  Will met his buddies, Kjersten and Zoe, at Sanford’s New Baby and Me class shortly after they were all born in March 2008.  We continued to meet Thursday afternoons through that first summer.  It has been fun to watch all these first-born kids grow, and nice for their moms to have each other to learn from, too!  As you can see Will has always seemed to be a baby giant next to these two sweet girls – ha! 


I thought it would be fun to take a walk down memory lane today.

Everyone now on the move about 10 months old at our First Annual Playdate in 2009!


Nearly entering the twos I think they all wondered why their moms made them squish together in this chair.  They had a ball this year playing with snow inside on the rug — 2010!


Now almost 3 they were busy, busy playing and learning to share – 2011!


And today’s playdate — 2012!  It was so fun to watch them play games together and work to build this Lego creation with the train on top (for Will of course).  We sadly missed Zoe this year, but maybe we can reschedule another day so she and her mom can join us. 


Time sure flies by so quickly.  It seems like yesterday we were holding them close at baby class and now they are gaining more and more independence.  It is fun to have special friends (for the kids and the mommies)! 



Pic-bits September 30, 2011

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{this moment}

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