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stART ~ The Jacket I Wear in the Snow January 6, 2012

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After a long break from stART, we are back at it!  This week we read the book, “The Jacket I Wear in the Snow” by Shirley Neitzel.  Even though we’ve been having unseasonably warm weather this winter, we decided to do a project about snow.  After 62 degrees here in the Midwest yesterday, we are bracing ourselves for when the weather really decides to turn on us.

This book is great for the young child since it is a repetitive rhyme that uses rebus pictures so they can read along.  It is about a child putting layer after layer of clothing on to go out and play in the snow.  Like many kids, after all the work to get ready something happens and he need to come inside and shed all the layers.  The best part of playing in the snow is the hot chocolate when you come back inside, right?

We created a stocking hat out of a paper plate, construction paper, stamps and cotton balls.  I found this idea on yes, you guessed it, Pintrest!  We started with a paper plate cut in half.  I then had Will choose a color of construction paper for the bottom of the hat and ball at the top.  I cut those pieces out, and Will glued them on the plate. Next, we stretched out 3-4 cotton balls and glued them to the top of the hat.

Last, we decorated the hat.  Will stamped images of a snowflake randomly on the paper plate part of the hat using light blue ink.  I think his favorite part was cutting the multi-colored circles out of construction paper using a 1-inch hole punch.  He glued each of those on the hat as well.

Here is the finished product.  He decided he was done with the project since he was itching to play trains

(as you can probably tell from the picture).


stART ~ Go, Dog. Go! by P.D. Eastman June 26, 2011

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Last week we used one of our favorite books for stART, Go, Dog. Go!  It is a funny little book of opposites with a quirky little reoccurring part about two dogs meeting in various places.  The female dogs hopes and hopes that the male dog will like her crazy hat.  This is our favorite part of the book, so naturally we had to make silly hats for our project. 

Will’s friend (2nd cousin), Emma, is here from Iowa so she joined us.  Emma read the book for us – what a good reader she is!

For our hat project we folded newspaper hats and decorated them with various items. 


“Hello! Do you like my hat?”

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