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stART ~ Houdini and Butterfly Colors and Counting June 30, 2014

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I think this was one of the most fun book projects yet!  Bennett (2 yrs old) absolutely LOVED it!  He still wants to add to it a week later.  We read two different books this week.  One for Will’s level and one for Bennett’s.  The greatest part was that Will was able to read Bennett’s book to him!  Bennett’s book was “Butterfly Colors and Counting” by Jerry Pallotta.  It is just what it says each page has a certain color and number of butterflies.

Butterflies Colors and Counting


Will’s grandma read him “Houdini” by Janet Pedersen.  This book is about a classroom pet caterpillar who loves to perform for the children.  When the children stop noticing Houdini’s usual tricks he needs to come up with something really great.  Can you guess what his trick is?



Tissue Paper Butterfly


This project came once again from I Heart Crafty Things.  Like I said it was a huge hit!  I just love to look at it on my wall, too.




One sheet of Contact Paper

Various colors of tissue paper cut in squares

One pipe cleaner cut in half

2 wiggly eyes

Brown Cardstock (cut into butterfly body)

Glue Dots

Washi Tape or Painter’s Tape

Sharpie Marker



First, draw a butterfly shape on the paper side of the contact paper.  I’d suggest using a pencil first (I did not and wished I had).  Trace over the pencil drawing with a Sharpie marker.  Now flip the contact paper over to the other side and trace the outline you made on the opposite side with the Sharpie again.  Set this aside for now.

Cut the brown cardstock into a butterfly body that extends all the way from the top to the bottom of the center of your butterfly pattern.  Using glue dots attach the wiggly eyes and draw a smile on your butterfly.  I raided my huge tub of tissue paper I’ve saved from gifts and (with the help of the neighbor girl) cut them into strips and then small squares.  I used about every color of the rainbow.

To get ready to create your butterfly, peel the paper off the contact paper and attach it sticky side up to the wall using washi tape or painter’s tape.  I found that painter’s tape ended up working a little better.  Be sure to attach it to the wall at your child’s level.  Stick the brown butterfly body right to the contact paper.  It will just stick!

Now have your children create a beautiful butterfly by sticking the tissue paper squares all over the butterfly.  Show them how to stay within the boundaries of the black outline and to vary the colors.

Making Butterfly Collage

How many times do you think I cleaned tissue paper up off my floor?  LOL!  Bennett loved to hand me the tissue paper and have me put it on, too.  We worked on naming the colors as we did each square.  This is a skill we are still working on since everything is still “lellow”.  Will helped a little bit, but wasn’t quite as interested in this project.  He likes to help his kid brother so that is sweet.


Here is the best picture we could get of the final product!  We have kept it up by our other artwork board.  I love looking at it everyday!  I highly recommend to give this project a try!


stART ~ The Very Lonely Firefly September 4, 2011

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This summer there were a ton of fireflies around here.  They are fun to watch light up the night.  We read the book, “The Very Lonely Firefly” by Eric this week.  This book follows a firefly as he searches for some firefly friends.  On his journey he meets several sources of light until he finally finds his friends.  I was disappointed that the copy of the book from the library was broken so the fireflies didn’t light up in the back. 

We made a firefly picture for our art project.  First we used white and yellow crayons on black paper to make a night-time scene (moon and stars).  Next we used colored band-aids to make the fireflies.  For the glow we dabbed some yellow puffy paint on the end of his tail.  Last, we added wiggly eyes. 


For more stART ideas visit www.mommysadventures.com.


stART ~ Beetle Bop August 4, 2011

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This week we were excited to have some friends join us for stART!  We read the book “Beetle Bop” by Denise Fleming.  This book shows all kinds of beetles and uses many words to describe how they look.  The illustrations are great!


Kjersten, Will, Alex and Sadie Dog enjoy the story!
For this week’s project everyone created their very own beetle.  I cut apart an egg carton so that everyone had one section.  First, they used watercolors to paint their beetle.  After they dried, the kids used markers to add spots, stripes or other details to their bug.  Last, we added googly eyes and pipe cleaner feet.  They all seem to enjoy the project.  Even little Lydia who is just a year old!


stART ~ The Very Hungry Caterpillar July 25, 2011

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I just love how doing stART every week gets Will interested in new books.  A couple of weeks ago we read “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle and now it is a daily (two times a day) read at our house.  He even has the story memorized which is fun to let him “read” the book to me!  It is also a great book to start acquainting kids with the days of the week, types of fruit and counting objects to 5. 


For our project we made a caterpillar out of an egg carton.  Will loved the painting part.  He made sure we got the face just right, too.  A few days later he decided the face was all wrong, but he was still proud of his work. 

Painting the face with red craft paint.

Painting the body green.


Add googly eyes and a pipe cleaner for antennaes. Draw on the nose and mouth.

For more great stART ideas visit A Mommy’s Adventure blog at http://www.amommysadventures.com/


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