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Ironman Birthday Party ~ Part 2 ~ Treat Sacks June 13, 2013

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Treat Sacks

Along with candy, stickers and temporary Avengers tattoos, I had two handmade items in the Ironman treat sacks that I’m going to show you in Part 2 of the Ironman Birthday Party posts.  I decided it would be fun to put all the goodies into a clear cone-shaped bag.  I was even able to find coordinating colored M&Ms and Sixlets.  I just tied the top of the bag together with maroon and gold ribbon.

Superhero Suckers

First up, Superhero Suckers!  I found this idea on Pintrest, but there was no further link to anything other than the picture.


I hand-drew the cape pattern on an index card and then traced the shape on the maroon-colored felt.  I cut the triangle shape out of the gold-colored felt.


I also punched a small hole in the top-center of each cape using a hole punch.  Glue the gold triangles on the capes.


You can see I printed the message “Thanks for Coming!” on white cardstock and used a circle punch to cut them out. Next, using the hole punch I added a hole at the top and bottom of each circle (to insert the sucker)


To assemble just insert the sucker stick through the cape and then through each hole in the circle message piece.  Very quick and easy project.


Next up, the Ironman Mask!  I also found this on Pintrest which led me to Jessica at Cutesy Crafts.  She gives great tips here and has patterns for a whole variety of superhero masks.  I made all Ironman for Will’s party.  I would suggest going here to get more detailed instructions for making the masks.  I’m just going to briefly show you how I made them (plus I forgot to take pictures during the process).

Pattern Collage

I copied the Ironman pattern (found here) on cardstock and cut out the pieces to use as a pattern.  Next, I traced the patterns onto the felt using a fade-away pen.  One pattern is traced on gold felt and the other on maroon felt.   I cut two of each maroon piece per mask.

Mask Collage

First, I sewed the gold piece on top of one of the maroon pieces using gold thread.  Remember to also sew around the eye holes.  Next, I laid this piece on top of the second maroon piece.  In between the two pieces secure the 3/4″ elastic piece (14-inches long).  Sew around the whole mask using maroon thread.  Also, remember to sew around the eye holes during this step.   That’s all there is to it!  It was a really fun project and they were a big hit at the party.

Will's 5th Birthday 073

The Birthday Boy Ironman!

Will's 5th Birthday 085

The Whole Crazy Ironman Gang!


Ironman Birthday Party ~ Part 1 ~ Invitations May 30, 2013

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Ironman invite

Ever since last year’s Spiderman party Will has been bound and determined to have an Ironman birthday party for his 5th birthday.  I really can’t believe the theme stuck especially since Transformers became quite popular at our house.  I’ll kick off a series of posts of our Ironman Birthday Party with the invitations.

I found the inspiration for these invites from Pintrest and Grace’s Scrap Attic.  I got a few tips, but really had to fill in a lot of the details to get them all figured out.  I was pretty excited with the final product.  I was thankful to have time at a scrapbook retreat to construct them, because they were a little time-intensive.

Ironman mask Collage

First, I took a picture of one of Will’s Ironman masks to make a template for the card pieces.  I downloaded the picture and put it into a Word document.  There I could re-size it so that it would fit in an invitation envelope.  Next, I cut apart each of the pieces so they could be traced onto colored cardstock.


See — time-intensive with all that tracing and cutting!

Now for the assembly!

Ironman assembly Collage

Assemble the pieces as seen in the first box.  I printed the party information on pieces of white cardstock and then cut them out.  Make sure that the information all fits so that it hides within the top piece and you still have room to glue the jaw piece to the invite.  To assemble — glue the white invitation information piece to the back of the jaw piece (making sure that when it fits together the top doesn’t go outside of the head piece.  Last, place the front head piece on top and glue it to the back just around the edges so the jaw piece is able to move in and out.

Ironman invite

Pull on the jaw piece and out pops the invitation!


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