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Pencil Roll February 15, 2016

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Like many adults, I got an adult coloring book for Christmas this year.  There was, however, a shortage of colored pencils in town after Christmas.  I was able to check my reserves and found an old box of Crayola colored pencils from who knows when to get me by until I could find some new ones.  I quickly found out 1) I needed more shades of colors and 2) I needed to be able to see all my pencils at once outside of the box.

I found a pattern for a fabric pencil roll on Pintrest here and had to make one for myself and one for my mom.  I love how it turned out and it is the perfect home to my new palate of 50 colored pencils.



2 coordinating patterned fabrics (cut 12″ x 18″)

Coordinating Thread

Coordinating Ribbon


                       Start by placing the right sides (pretty sides) of the two fabrics together.  Pin them in place.


        Sew around the rectangle, but leaving about a 4 inch opening to turn it right side out.

After sewing around the rectangle, pull the fabric through the opening so that the right side of the fabric is showing.

Iron your fabric rectangle.  Next, use a decorative stitch to sew around the rectangle and to secure the opening.

It is hard to see in my picture, but I used a wavy line decorative stitch.


Now fold up the bottom about 4 inches or so to create the pencil holder pockets.

Using disappearing ink, make line guides about every inch or so.


Sew the vertical lines using a straight stitch.  Be sure to stop at the top of the folded fabric.  Also sew the ends of the fabric to create pockets at each end.  This is where you may want to add a ribbon to one end before sewing it closed.  That way you can wrap up your roll with a tie.


Add your pencils and roll it up!  When I got more pencils I was able to fit two pencils in each slot so my roll holds about 50 colored pencils.  It makes it easy to store and to carry with me.  Bring on the stress relief of coloring!

I am loving it especially while watching the latest episode of Downton Abbey!



Christmas in July ~ A Christmas Photo Collection Book July 21, 2012

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With all this severe heat we’ve been experiencing this summer, I thought it was a perfect time to recall the cooler days of Christmastime.  Each Christmas we are blessed to receive so many cards and photos.  Up to this point I would group each year’s photo cards together and put them in a box.  When I saw this idea I thought what a perfect thing to do with all those Christmas photos sitting in a basket next to my crafting desk!  So, today we are celebrating Christmas in July with a Christmas photo collection book.


Christmas scrapbook paper

Cardboard or Cardstock

 3 Book Rings

Rubber Cement or other adhesive


Christmas Photo Cards from the year

First, I sorted all the Christmas photos by size.  This way I knew how long and wide I needed to make the covers of my book.

Next, I cut two cardboard pieces to fit the largest and longest cards.

Then, I cut the Christmas themed scrapbook paper to the size of the cardboard.  I glued the paper to the cardboard using rubber cement.

The most intense part of this project is three-hole punching each of the photos so they fit together just right.  I punched the longest card and then used it as a template to punch the holes in the cover and the rest of the photos.

Hold your book together with book rings.  I tied ribbon to the rings to make it look pretty.

I also added a stamped title to the front of the book.

I’m going to plan to set my books out with my other Christmas decorations so the pictures can be enjoyed year after year.  It will be fun to see the changes as all the kids grow up.  I just can’t throw away those beautiful cards that people spend so much money on.  This way I have them collected in a way that I will surely look at them again and again.


DVD Organization January 15, 2012

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Over the last three years Will has developed quite the collection of DVDs.  As you can see from the “before” picture his collections has outgrown the basket.  My inspiration for this project came from Jen at iheartorganizing.  I can’t believe the difference between the before and after!  I have opened up a lot of space and relieved a bunch of clutter!





DVD cases are big and bulky for the small contents they hold.  Since we don’t have cable at our house DVDs and Netflix keep us and our three-year-old entertained when nothing is on.  I was looking for a way to consolidate the small contents without the bulk and clutter.  The hardest part was finding the cube organizer with the clear sleeves.  After searching many stores, I had a lucky find at ShopKo one day.  It was the only one left — on clearance — even better!





irst, I spread out all Will’s DVDs on the table and organized them by character (Bob the Builder, Barney, Thomas, etc.).  My goal was to fit all of those into that cube-shaped container at the corner of the table. 





Each sleeve holds two DVDs — one in the front and one in the back.





sleeve is numbered and has a space where you can write in the DVD title.  You could make a corresponding list of the numbered DVDs you could reference.  I haven’t done the numbered list yet.  I figured if I put them somewhat in alphabetical order, it shouldn’t be a problem to find the movie we were looking for.





There is the final project — cute storage — less bulk — less clutter!  This container has a pull-out drawer which makes it easy to access the DVD you are looking for.  I was able to pack up the DVD cases and tuck them away in case we want to sell them one day. 




Happy Organizing to you!







Dry Erase Weekly Calendar September 30, 2011

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My inspiration ~ from Pintrest, of course.

                                                                                                   ….created by Kristy at Next to Heaven


I fell in love with this project the minute I saw it and quickly bought all the supplies.  I made it to hang on the wall near my kitchen.  I thought I would need a larger writing space so I bought 5 x7 frames instead of the 4 x 6 frames shown.  I thought this would be the perfect way to help us (really my husband) keep track of weekly activities and our menu.


I purchased two of these collage frames at Wal-Mart ($12/each) that will hang right next to one another. 


I spent nearly an hour at the scrapbook store picking out “the perfect” coordinating papers.  I also found come cute paper flowers that had just come in that day.  I used a different paper design for each of the 8 frames.  I cut each piece to fit the 5 x 7 frames.  Next, I used my Cricut machine to cut out the days of the week and the “Our Week” title.  I used the Opposites Attract cartridge. 

I inserted the paper in each frame and glued the paper flowers on the outside glass with a strong glue.  Just use a dry erase marker to write on the glass of the frame and wipe it away with an eraser or paper towel.  My hubby just hung it up on the wall last night, so I’m excited to see how it works for our family.  If nothing else I think it is something pretty to look at each day!


One of My Favorite Places! August 11, 2011

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Some of you have been asking me to share my “new” scrapbooking space.  As many of you know we tend to move a lot.  Before we had Will, I had a whole room to set up my scrapbooking/crafting stuff in.  Well, that room was turned into a nursery and I was sent to the corner of the office with only a card table.  I think the biggest selling point for me to agree to move to our current house was the gigantic room in the basement that would easily fit our office and a scrapbooking area.  I must say I am in love with my crafting nook.

I was able to trade in my small card table for this desk, typing table and file cabinet.  A big thank you to my friend, Therese, for selling it to me!  Most of what I need is housed right at my desk.  If you are a fellow scrapbooker you have to know this is not all of my stuff – ha!!  It is a requirement as a scrapbooker to have a slight addition to paper among other pretties!  So….here’s the rest of my stuff stored in the closet!


Let’s take a closer look at a couple of things now.


This is one of the ways I organize my scraps.  This was part of a plastic organizer I had from way, way back.  The rest of it broke, but I kept this piece.  I labeled each drawer with a color or two and filled it up with scraps.  It has worked great!

Back to the desk area — On the typing table I have the greatest invention EVER — my Cricut Expression and cartridges.  I also have a color printer here.  Under the desk I store my rolling case and shoulder bag.  The black file box holds my paper.  I have 12 x 12 file folders for each color.  It holds the full sheets of paper and large scraps. 

On the main desk, I added this organizer piece.  It is actually a shoe rack I bought at K-Mart.  It works great to stack a number of items all in one area of the desk.  I have my stamp inks, chipboard letters, ribbon, idea books, idea notebook and xyron machines here.  Also, check out the awesome star clock I found at the Sidewalk Arts Festival last year! 

All summer I’ve been hemming and hawing about what to put up on the wall above my desk.  There are so many ideas out there.  I’ve been looking and looking at Pintrest for ideas.  I am always drawn to the gallery style of decorating so I gave it try  here.  I decided to be very practical and used things I already had sitting around the house — not a single new item was purchased for this display (yeah me — more money to spend on paper!). 

 I always like to personalize with pictures.  The white 12 x 12 frame in the upper left corner is a picture my mother-in-law and Will made for me for Mother’s Day with Will’s hand print (so special).  Next, is a frame I inserted some sort of metal piece in and then made magnets out of stickers to attach pictures of my trip to NYC in 2002.  The next column is a picture of Will that my friend, Suzie, took when he was 18 months old with all the fall colors (love it!).  Below that is a 12 x 12 clipboard for displaying scrapbook pages.  I plan to switch these out monthly.  Last is a corkboard.

This is the space where many of the tidbits here are born. 

Let the creating continue!


Organizing Chipboard Letters August 3, 2011

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I spent some time going through some things and organizing/reorganizing this week.  I found this cute pull drawer box sitting empty in the closet and decided it would work perfectly to store my chipboard letters.  I found these boxes on clearance at K-Mart a couple of summers ago.  I used the two other boxes to hold my ink pads (perfect fit). 

I started by creating a file card for each letter.  I cut them out on white cardstock.  I measured them so they would fit snuggly inside the box.  I love Close To My Heart products (thank you Therese and Kellie) so I used the Boutique Alphabet acrylic stamp set and Hollyhock ink to stamp the letter on each card.  (BTW ~ I use pink whenever I can since I mostly scrapbook boy stuff) 

I fit the file cards into the box and started sorting my chipboard letters into their slots.  I hardly ever think to use chipboard letters since I regularly use my Cricut machine.  Now that I have them organized I hope to use them!

To add the finishing touch, I stamped a label for the front of the box.  I also did labels for the two boxes that hold ink pads since that’s been on my “to do” list forever.  Funny how the last week of summer vacation can get you motivated to get things done!

I heart organization!!!!


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