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stART ~ Fall Leaves Fall & a Little Family Fun! October 27, 2011

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Monday night we had our second meeting of our Family Fun group.  This time we met at one of the city’s Community Centers.  It gave us plenty of space, but we also had to be more organized to make sure we had all the supplies we needed.  Our theme for the evening was LEAVES!




For our stART project we read the book, “Fall Leaves Fall” by Zoe Hall.  This book is great for preschoolers since it is short and simple.  It talks about the season of fall.  We also talked about how there are two meanings for the word, fall, as in the title of the book.  The book also tells about all the fun things you can do with the leaves that fall from the trees in the fall.  When you have 2, 3, and 4 year olds listening to a story together you get lots of story participation – ha!



For our art project all the kids had brought 4 fresh, and different leaves they had collected outside.  We used crayons to make leaf rubbings into a leaf book.  I found the idea and pattern for this book here on the Michael’s website.  Prior to meeting I cut out four leaf patterns for each person as well as the same pattern out of a thin piece of cardboard for the cover of the book. 


The kids, with the help of their parents, laid each leaf underneath the paper leaf and rubbed on top of it with a fall colored crayon.  They repeated this for each of their 4 leaves. 


When this step was finished, the kids created their book cover from the cardboard leaf.  I brought along pages of alphabet stickers I’ve had forever in my stash.  It was a great activity for the kids to work with their parents to find the letters that spelled their first name.  When all the pieces were completed the parents punched a hole through all the pages and fastened them with a small brad. 

Next, we thought the kids needed some movement so we played a couple of leaf games.  First was the blow the leaf race.  I didn’t realize what a hard motor task blowing a leaf with a straw across the floor would be for a 3-year-old.  I was proud of them for persisting through the difficult task.  Second, we played the hide the leaf game.  For this game we taught the kids what “hot” and “cold” mean when you are looking for a hidden item.  They had fun with both games.





We ended our night with some fall songs and Kelly taught us some fall words in Spanish.  She sent home a coloring page with the words on it so we could practice.  We had so much fun!

This Is the Way
Written by Amber Leigh
Sung to “Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush”

This is the way we crunch the leaves, (march in place)
Crunch the leaves, crunch the leaves,
This is the way we crunch the leaves,
One early autumn morning.

This is the way we rake the leaves, (make raking gesture)
Rake the leaves, Rake the leaves,
This is the way we rake the leaves,
One early autumn morning.

This is the way we bag the leaves, (pretend to bag the leaves)
Bag the leaves, Bag the leaves,
This is the way we bag the leaves,
One early autumn morning.

Another Leaves Song
By Amber Leigh
Sung to “The Wheels on the Bus”
The leaves on the tree fall on the ground (wiggle fingers and bring hands down)
on the ground, on the ground
The leaves on the tree fall on the ground,
All through the Fall.

The leaves on the ground go crunch, crunch, crunch (march in place)
crunch, crunch, crunch; crunch, crunch, crunch
The leaves on the ground go crunch, crunch, crunch
All through the Fall.

The moms and dads will rake the leaves, (make raking motion)
rake the leaves, rake the leaves
The moms and dads will rake the leaves,
All through the Fall.

One autumn day we’ll jump in the leaves (jump up and down)
jump in the leaves, jump in the leaves,
One autumn day we’ll jump in the leaves,
Then the fall is done.



stART~ I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More August 25, 2011

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We found a gem of a book at the library!  It became a favorite at our house the last few weeks.  If you haven’t read “I Ain’t Gonna Paint No More” by Karen Beaumont you must check it out!  It is a charming story about a little boy who gets into a lot of mischief with his paint brush and paints.  His mama puts them up in the closet, but he needs to paint some more.  The best line in the book is the mama saying, “Ya ain’t’ a-gonna paint NO more!”  I just love it!  The book is written like a song (maybe it is originally a song, I don’t know).  It goes through the boy painting his whole body part by part.  The author uses rhyming words to tell the story.  CAUTION:  Your daycare provider may ask you why your child is suddenly saying, “Oh heck” all the time.  When we asked Will who he heard say that he promptly responded that it was from that paintin’ book.  Oh yes….oh heck I’m gonna paint my neck. 

Of course for our project we had to do some painting!  All summer I’ve been wanting to try liquid sidewalk chalk.  I had seen the recipe for it by Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots.  Tonight we gave it a whirl.  Will LOVED it (and his mommy had a fun time as well).  I think this will be a repeat activity at our house.  Give it a try if you get a chance. 


Liquid Sidewalk Chalk

1 cup corn starch

1 cup water

food coloring

Mix the corn starch and water.  Divide it evenly into a muffin tin or small cups.  Add food coloring.



We used foam brushes to paint the driveway.  I was impressed at how vividly the colors dried. 


Outdoor Scavenger Hunt August 6, 2011

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The other night we were looking for something to do as a family outside after supper.  I had gotten this idea from Maggie at Smashed Peas and Carrots (love her blog)!  If you go here you will find her post about the scavenger hunt and nab a free printable of the scavenger hunt items.  

I printed the sheet off in colored ink since it is pictures of each item rather than words.  Each sheet has 4 of the same hunt items on it, so you need to cut them apart.  We put it on a mini clipboard (the one we made at VBS this year), grabbed a marker and set off on our treasure hunt.  Will was so into it to start with.  We found several items right away.  He did need some prompting since he seemed to get fixated on finding one certain item (ie: ladybug). 



Once we found an item on the list, Will crossed it out with his marker (or colored and colored it in).  Some items we fudged on a bit such as “ladybug” we made as any old bug and “cat” we found a cat statue in someone’s yard.  A day later my husband and I were still playing the game when we saw a police car and squirrel – HA!  This was a great activity to do together as a family.  It also got everyone out and moving!



At the end of the hunt Will’s reward was orange ice cream — a summertime favorite.




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