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stART~Piggies September 11, 2011

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Here is another great book we just happened upon at the library.  “Piggies” by Audrey Wood is a delightful book whose story is told more so through the beautiful illustrations than the text.  The text is quite short (which is good at bedtime), but the pictures hold so many details that they can spark a lot of conversation between you and your little one.  I guess I’d always called toes piggies, but in this book fingers take this name.  At the end each finger “kisses” the other until your hands are folded and ready for bed.  Will was so excited to finally learn, from this book, how to fold his hands with interlocking fingers !

Will asked to have a friend over for stART this week.  We were delighted to have Rylee join us.  Both kids enjoyed the story as well as the project.  For the project each kiddo traced around their hand.  Using a flesh-colored crayon they colored in their hand.  Next, we used pink craft paint and the end of a marker to stamp a “piggie” on each finger.  They made two stamps on each finger (like a snowman).  After the paint dried the finishing touches were added to each pig.  Their papers were also titled, “My 5 Piggies”. 

This project idea came from http://iheartcraftythings.blogspot.com/

For more stART ideas visit www.amommysadventure.com


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