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stART ~ Robin’s Home June 25, 2014

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To celebrate summer (along with the springlike weather we’ve had) we read the book “Robin’s Home” by Jeannine Atkins.  This book follows a family of robins whose babies are getting ready to leave the nest.  One little robin isn’t quite ready to leave his home and is a bit afraid to fly.  Read “Robin’s Home” to see what happens.



Paper Plate Robin


When I saw this paper plate robin activity from I Heart Crafty Things I knew we had to do it this summer!  I thought it was so adorable!  Both boys seemed to enjoy the project as well!




Robin Pattern {here}

Dessert Paper plate cut in half

Brown Cardstock

Yellow Cardstock

Orange Craft Paint

Brown Craft Paint

White Crayon

Wiggly Eyes

Foam Brushes



Painting Collage

Start by tracing the bird pattern on the brown cardstock and cut it out.  Paint the bird’s tummy with orange craft paint.  Next, paint half of a dessert paper plate with brown craft paint for the bird’s wing.  Let both pieces dry.


To make the tail feathers use the same brown cardstock and trace around your child’s hand with the fingers close together.  You can leave out the thumb.  Trace the outline and make lines where the fingers would be using a white crayon.  Cut it out.



To complete your robin glue all the pieces together.  Place the eye and beak (cut from yellow cardstock) to the bird’s head.  Attach the tail feathers to the bird’s back at the end and then glue the wing over top lining it up with the bird’s back.  Last, cut some feet from the brown paper and attach them as well.


This is my two-year-old’s first attempt at a big book project.  He had some help, but I thought he did a great job!  Can you tell which robin he made?

 This little bird is ready to fly from the nest!  As you can see the other birdie already flew the coop (wasn’t so much about taking a picture)!


stART ~ Sunday Love July 14, 2013

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Nothing says summer better than ICE CREAM!  We are ice cream lovers at this house — for sure!  Pretty sure we keep Sonic in business with 1/2 price shakes after 8 pm!  So how appropriate for us to read a book involving ice cream and coordinate that with an ice cream project.  We read the book “Sunday Love” by Alison Paul.  This is “mostly” a wordless picture book.  It tells the story of a burglar who breaks out of jail on Valentine’s Day, but is followed by Cupid.  Can you guess what the burglar falls in love with?  We think the title should have been Sundae Love.



Our project had to do with ice cream, but wasn’t actually ice cream….

Ice Cream Cone Cookies

This idea comes from Rose Bakes.

4th of July 001


Nutter Butter Cookies

White Almond Bark


Mini M&Ms

Waxed Paper

4th of July 002


Lay out sheets of waxed paper to place the cookies on after they are dipped.  Melt the almond bark (or candy melts) as directed on the package.  Dip one-half of each cookie in the almond bark.  Place it on the waxed paper.

4th of July 003

Quickly, before the almond bark hardens, sprinkle with candy sprinkles and place a mini M&M at the top (like a cherry).

4th of July 004

That’s all there is to it!  Let them sit to let the almond bark harden.

4th of July 007

Enjoy that different kind of ice cream!


We decided to deliver cookies to our next door neighbors as a special treat for our special neighbors.  Will took this picture of our neighbor, Shirley!  We also packed up a special bag of cookies for the Grandmas and Grandpas!  It is fun to share with others (I hope that’s what my boys are learning!).



stART ~ Wake Up, Henry Rooster! June 2, 2013

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To kick off summer I looked for a book that had something to do with the sun.  Who knows the sun better than roosters, right?  We read the book, “Wake Up, Henry Rooster!” by Margriet Ruurs.  Both the story and illustrations are wonderful in this book.  It is about a teenage rooster who loves to stay up late taking in the farm nightlife, but also loves to sleep in!  This isn’t a problem until his father is out of town and Henry needs to wake up the sun each morning.  Read this cute book to find out how Henry solves his problem of not being a morning rooster!

wake up henry rooster



For our project we tried these Oil Sun Catchers I found on Pintrest and education.com




Construction Paper

Baby Oil w/ small container




Hole punch


First, Will traced around a bowl to make a circle on construction paper.  We used two different sizes.


To practice cutting skills, I had Will cut out each circle (even though it kills me to have jagged edges).  He really impressed me though – yeah preschool!  We are still working on how to hold the paper/scissors while cutting a circle.


Pour a little bit of baby oil into a small container.  Have your child use a Q-tip to paint a design on each piece of construction paper.  Here you can talk about and predict what will happen when you use oil on construction paper.



Last, punch a hole in the top of your sun catcher and thread a piece of twine through to hang it in the window.  I would try letting the oil completely dry before hanging them up.  For some reason our sun catchers turned into one big blob of oil by the end of the day.  They were cute to start out with and really worked!


Summer To-Do List May 29, 2013

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summer to-do list

Here is another Pintrest project completed and ready for some SUMMER FUN!  I’m off from work for the summer and like to keep busy (I am not a homebody at all — never have been).  I thought about doing this last summer, but it just never happened (with a new baby and all).  This year the project is completed and we have already started checking off our list!

There are so many cute Summer to-do list projects out there on Pintrest.  I had a hard time deciding which one I liked the best.  I finally decided on the rainbow-themed one from Fingerprints on the Fridge.  It was actually a much quicker project than I was anticipating.

May 004

This was actually a pretty cheap project to make, too, or I have a huge craft supply hoarding problem!  I didn’t have to buy one single item.  I found a frame just the right size in our pile of pictures/art we aren’t using.  I just took out the old Eiffel Tower picture and Viola – re-purposed!  I dug in my scrapbook paper stash and found every color of the rainbow (yes, I have a paper problem!).

May 006

Next, I cut several strips of the colored scrapbook papers.  Random isn’t easy for me, but it was kinda nice to not worry about straight lines and measuring.  I love how it turned out, too!  The only  measuring I did was the width of the frame so each strip would fit into the frame.

May 007

I laid each strip slightly on top of the other right on top of the cardboard backing from the frame.  I used scotch tape to tape the pieces together.  Nothing fancy as you can see.


My absolute favorite part of this project was the downloadable “Happy Summer” graphic from The Rubber Punkin.  I printed that off, cut it down and adhered it to the rainbow piece.  Making the actual “to-do list” probably took the most time.  I added things I knew we wanted to do and then looked at other lists online to create our list.  I decided I wanted a really long list so I added little things like blow bubbles, get ice-cream and sidewalk chalk along with the bigger events.

To finish off the project, slip the rainbow strip piece into the frame and secure the back.  Now use a Sharpie marker to write your Summer To-Do List right on the glass of the frame.  I read somewhere that you can write in Sharpie and then clean it off with Windex when you are done (I think fingernail polish remover works as well).  I like the Sharpie marker since it doesn’t rub off when you look at the list and check things off.

summer Collage

This project has been really good for our family.  Will is SO into it.  Everyday he gets up and asks what we are going to do from our list.  Here is a glimpse of a few things we’ve done on our list already.  Looks like we’ll be busy!  Wishing everyone a wonderful start to SUMMER!!!


StART ~ Summer Days and Nights May 27, 2013

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We are ready to really begin our StART projects for the summer.  I have planned out our books and projects for the whole summer so hope we can keep up!  We started off the summer reading “Summer Days and Nights” by Wong Herbert Yee.  This is a short rhyming book that explores different summer activities for day and night.  I know we are ready for some summer after the late taste of winter we had here in the Midwest.  We even have a huge list of activities ready to be checked off (come back soon and see our list).

Summer Days and Nights

We decided to make a summer treat to give at daycare during our last week there.  It is hard to believe that my firstborn is completely done with daycare now since he’ll be going to school in the fall.  We have been blessed with wonderful daycare providers for Will (Beth, Daddy, Grandma T., Grandpa P, Brooke and Marsa).

summer kool aid

I had pinned this project on Pintrest a while back.  It came from The Crafted Sparrow (which is a wonderful blog I just started following – love it!).  It was a fun gift, although I did most of the project since Will lost interest and it was too hard for him.

May 016


Curly Straws (I found them 6/$1 at the Dollar Tree)

Packets of Kool-Aid

Printable Tags (download from The Crafted Sparrow)

Bakers Twine

Hole Punch

Plastic Bags


May 017

This is the part Will helped me with.  We put a packet of Kool-aid into a plastic bag.  Since the bags were a little bigger than the packet we folded them over and taped the bag in the back.  This way the bag fit tightly around the packet.  I used the plastic bag so that I didn’t have to punch a hole through the Kool-aid packet and lose all the powder or chance it getting wet.

May 019

Next, I used a small hole punch to punch a hole through the tag and plastic bag.  I used the bakers twine to tie the packet and tag to the curly straw.   That’s all there is to it.

May 018



stART ~ What is the 4th of July? July 3, 2012

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It has been quite a while since I’ve gotten a stART project posted on here.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on track now.  We have done a few projects this summer, but I haven’t gotten them posted yet (soon, very soon).  I thought I would start with the project we did today in anticipation of the 4th of July tomorrow.

We read the book “What is the 4th of July?” by Elaine Landau.  It is a nonfiction book that looks at the symbols and history of our country’s birthday along with common 4th of July traditions.  Most of the book contains photographs rather than drawings, which adds to the information – especially for young children.  It is a very short story as well.

We made a Firecracker Noisemaker for our art project.

I found this idea on Pintrest which lead me here.  This was a very quick and easy project.  Will could complete the project  independently for the most part. A  short book and quick project are perfect for the minimal attention span of a preschool boy.


Empty water bottle

Tinsel coil with stars — Star Garland

Red, White and Blue beads

Red, White and Blue star confetti

Red, White and Blue things you can find around the house

1) Take the label off the bottle as well as the lid.

2)  Place loose items in the bottle (beads, confetti, etc.) — this will make it sound like fireworks.

3)  Cut a couple 12-inch pieces of star garland and stuff, or curl, it into the bottle — this will look like fireworks.

4) Put the cap on and shake the bottle to make some noise!

5) Kids can bring their bottle when watching fireworks and shake their it every time fireworks go off.



stART ~ The Sun is My Favorite Star May 24, 2012

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After a long (too long) of a break from our stART projects, we are going to try to get back on board for the summer.  We kicked off this week by reading “The Sun is My Favorite Star” by Frank Asch.  This is a simple, yet informational, book about all the things the sun does for us.  A great topic to kick off summer, right?

For our project we made Sunshine Cupcakes to share with our neighbors and daycare friends.  The idea came from Pintrest via Taste of Home.

I started by baking the cupcakes, yes, straight from the boxed mix!  I know, super fancy!  I also used the canned frosting.

Will helped with the decorating portion of the project.  He had a great time and it even kept his attention until we were done.  After that project, he did not have the patience to visit with our neighbors when we dropped them off.


Boxed Cake Mix

Canned Frosting (white)

Food Coloring or Paste (yellow & red)

Mini Chocolate Chips

Candy Corn

Yellow Sprinkles (optional)

After I frosted the cupcakes, Will was the official sprinkle guy.  Note we did this on a plastic tray so the many, many, many extra sprinkles could be returned to the bottle to reuse.  If I were to do this project again, I’d suggest skipping the sprinkles since it make it hard to stick the rest of the candy on.

Next, we placed two mini chocolate chips near the center to make the sun’s eyes.  I used red frosting to draw the smile.  The recipe suggested using red licorice for the smile.  The frosting worked pretty slick.

Last, we added candy corn candies around the perimeter of the cupcake to make the sun’s rays.

You are my sunshine!!!!


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