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stART ~ I’m not Reading! June 9, 2013

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This week we read “I’m not Reading!” by Jonathan Allen.  In this book baby owl reluctantly reads a story to baby chick, but each time he begins the story more and more of chicks family (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc.) comes in excitedly to hear the story.  Baby owl loses room on his lap until the adults come in to help solve their problem.

I'm Not Reading


For our art project we had to make an owl!  (To my dear friend, Jackie, who has a fear of owls – it is a nice and cute owl – I promise).


I found this idea on Pintrest and Kerry’s Craft Blog.



Pillowbox template (I just searched on Pintrest for one)

Red Cardstock

12 – Patterned Red Cardstock circles (1/2″)

2 – White Cardstock circles (2″)

2 – Black Cardstock circles (1″)

2 – Red Cardstock ovals

2 – Orange heart shapes




Cut out and score the pillowbox pattern on cardstock.

Owl Collage

1)  Glue the black circle on top of the white circle and add a gemstone to the center of the black circle.

2)  Glue one of the orange hearts (point side up) at the bottom of the pillowbox.  Add the patterned paper circles (3 in a row) to the length of the pillowbox.

3)  Add the eyes, second heart as the nose and ovals for wings.

4)  Put together the pillowbox and secure with glue.

**This was a good activity for following directions and gluing.  I had all the pieces pre-cut.  All Will had to do was assemble the owl. **




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